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Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries

May 9, 2014

Sweet BIscuits and Strawberries 12

Looking for the perfect dessert for Mother’s day? I don’t know about you,  but I usually have both of our mothers, plus our daughters, daughters in love,  and grandchildren for Sunday Dinner on any and every holiday,  including Mother’s Day. It’s fine. I love cooking and blessing my family with good food.  This dessert is easy and it has strawberries and real whipped cream. But that’s not the best part. All of that goodness is sitting on top of a wonderful sweet biscuit. Last Spring I served this for supper one night. Yes, I did. Just this. No one complained.  We had dinner guests last night and I served Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries for dessert. Wonderful!  It was so wonderful, we had toasted Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries tonight!

Begin by making sweet biscuits. Then wash slice and lightly dust strawberries with sugar and set aside. Whip some real whipping cream until it holds soft peaks. Set aside.

sweet biscuits pan

For these biscuits I prefer to bake them in a round pan so that they will be forced to rise higher rather than spread like they do on a baking sheet.

Make you biscuits the same what you do regular biscuits (here) EXCEPT REPLACE Buttermilk with cream and shortening with real butter, softened to room temperature. Add 2/3 cups of sugar to the flour at the beginning. Cut the butter into the flour and sugar.  Add the cream  and additional flour if needed so you can handle the dough without being sticky. Shape into biscuits. Place in a  greased and floured pan. Bake 400* until lightly browned. About 15-18 minutes.

sweet biscuits cooked

These Sweet Biscuits will slice out of the pan easily.

sweet biscuit one

Slice in half and butter both sides. I know, I know there’s butter and cream in there already…but trust me, butter the biscuits!   I will tell you a little secret…I was born and raised in the same town as Paula Deen. Her brother Bubba and I went through school together. He was always very quiet and timid little boy.  Then both of his parents died and that probably contributed to his quietness. It was probably pain and feeling lost…but, I was a child and didn’t understand any of this. I remember he was very kind hearted. So, now, when I say ‘Butter the biscuit’…you understand. It’s what we do…..

sweet biscuit buttered

And tomorrow, if you have leftover sweet biscuits…slice them, butter them and toast them…then top with your berries and cream for breakfast. You family will love you….of course, adding  scrambled eggs with cheese on the side would be perfect along with oven baked bacon!

sweet biscuits and strawberries

To your buttered biscuit with a generous amount to sweetened and chopped Strawberries and whipped cream. Garnish  with a mint leaf and give your mom a hug! She’s going to love this. A perfect dessert for Mother’s Day.

Sweet Biscuits and strawberries1

Happy Mother’s Day…..y’all

Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries


  • 2 cups Self-Rising Flour
  • 2/3 cups of sugar
  • 6 Tablespoons of butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup of cream


  1. Preheat oven to 400* and grease and lightly flour on cake pan.
  2. Mix sugar and flour in a bowl.
  3. Add softened butter and cut into flour until crumbly like cornmeal
  4. Add cream and mix
  5. Add additional flour to your hands and dough if needed for easy handling.
  6. Shape into biscuits and place in a greased and floured round cake pan.
  7. Bake 400* 15-18 minutes or until lightly browned
  8. While biscuits bake, WASH and slice strawberries. Place in a bowl and sprinkle with 4-5 tablespoons of sugar. Set aside.
  9. Whip cream with sweeten with 4-5 Tablespoons of sugar until it holds peaks.
  10. Slice through a Sweet biscuit and butter it. Add strawberries and cream to top. Garnish with mint leaves. Serve and enjoy!




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