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Hello… I’m Renee.  Welcome to Joy to My Heart!  I’m blessed to be married to my best friend, (I still call him my boyfriend!) and we have 4 grown children ( a daughter and 3 sons)  and 9 grandchildren…yes, 9.   For 7 years we only had 2 grandchildren.   Then all of a sudden, we started having babies left and right. In 18 months we added 4 grandbabies!!!  And over the past 2 years we have added 3 more. Do I need to tell you, there’s never a dull moment in our family?   We count our blessings everyday!

Joy to my heart May the Lord Bless you

My husband  is involved in politics and I manage his campaigns. This adds a great deal of drama to our lives as well!  We have graduated our children from high school and college and one from law school and another in progress. We have married them all off,  birthed 9 grandbabies,  attended dance recitals, band concerts, kindergarten graduations, little league games, soccer games, track meets, birthday parties, and 2 baptisms and unfortunately, one divorce.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve had a mural painting business…see my website here , Painted two backdrops for our local Nutcracker productions, had a booth to sell my hand-painted furniture at Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta. Lately, I have slowed down on painting rooms and started holding paint parties for various groups.  I have Art Camps in the Summer for kids.

Last year, I found I have a growth on my thyroid gland and it has slowed my little self to almost a complete halt. I had a hard time getting a diagnosis and my medicine at the proper dosage. I hope to get some relief, soon.   A week before this growth was discovered, I decided I needed to blog. I had everything ready to go and then all the testing began. It’s not malignant. We are thankful for that.

I love cooking and painting and being creative. Entertaining is second nature and so is campaigning.  My favorite color is blue. I have 4 sets of blue and white dishes. I love sitting on my porch, drinking coffee, reading and birdwatching.

My husband and I spend our weekends looking for vintage items in antique stores and estate sales to restore, repurpose and/or re-create!   I love transforming something ordinary into treasures. Anything old, vintage and worn~ is a treasure to me.

Here you’ll find posts about the things I love ~ cooking, painting, decorating, entertaining and all sorts of projects. And, add to the list, being a wife, mother and grandmother ~ the most fun of all.

Mostly I want to share my belief that all of us have a calling to live Proverbs 31 lives. In our homes, at work, in our churches and communities where ever we are called to serve others. Our mission in life is to make a beautiful home for our family that they can grown and thrive in. One area is serving delicious meals for our family. Another is being creative with what we have and taking what we have and making something beautiful from it. Most importantly, teaching our children to love the Lord.

Not that I have achieved all of this, but as I learn, I share. And each post helps keep me headed in the right direction. So I hope you’ll join me on my journey and it can be our journey.

On Sundays,  I try to share  something that will hopefully be inspirational,  because that’s what keeps life in perspective.

I invite you to join me on this journey I call a Proverbs 31 life.  Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s difficult… but always, it’s worth it.   

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