Pumpkin Patch Party Invitations

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It’s almost time  to send out Pumpkin Patch Party invitations this year. We’ve set date for November 2nd. And I ‘m so excited! I’ve never held the party after Halloween before but I think it’s going to be great.  In the past, the party begins at 6PM and ends around 8PM. It’s always daylight at the beginning but before it’s the party’s over it grows dark and the lanterns begin to glow and it’s soooooo pretty!

This year the time will have changed back to Eastern Standard Time and so when the party begins,  it will already be dark. That means when the children get here the backyard will look magical! I love making memories for our children. They will always remember and like my husband says, it will be way bigger than what it really is, in their little minds.

Halloween card with place for your text

But back to the invitations.   I Try to get them  in the mail at least two or more weeks before the party. So the family knows to get the list to me asap.

I use Fall pumpkin stationery for my invitations. I write corny poems telling them who, what, when, and where…It’s fun.

halloween card

So, Are you planning a Pumpkin Patch Party this year? Time to get those invitations in the mail!!!



  1. While I don’t have kids (other than the four legged kind), I do like how you are handling your invites. I might have to borrow the idea of using stationary and poetry for the annual BBQ that I do in the summer.

    • Morgan, It’s pretty corny poetry but it’s fun, to me….I hadn’t thought about it for other gatherings, but that’s a great idea, too! Thanks

  2. So cute! I am going to use these in my classroom!

  3. These are beautiful! Love the idea of having the party after Halloween!

  4. Hi! Dropping by from the UBC and Facebook!
    What a cute idea! I’d never heard of a Pumpkin Patch Party – but on November 2 this year, hubby and I will be in Punta Cana for my daughter’s destination wedding!

    • Oh my, How wonderful! Well, I will be thinking of you….Blessings on the couple and safe journeys for all…Thanks!

  5. Wow, Halloween already? Time flies! These are some pretty cool Halloween invitations. It’s great that you’re doing these because, it’s so common to get Christmas ones but not so much Halloween. Thank you for sharing! Have a great week ahead.

    • Thanks, Nate. Yes, I have to start planning early….it’s pretty big for my little backyard..lol..I cook and freeze and order goodies…:) You have a great week, too!



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