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The Perfect Find

July 15, 2014

The Perfect Find

Last Summer, while on vacation,  my husband and I found this perfect little table. I’d been looking for a small table for our porch.  We have a large table that we use regularly, but I had it in my mind that a small one would be quaint and perfect for intimate little candlelight dinners. And so I’d been looking for one for the corner of the porch, for just the two of us. This little table was just what I had in mind.  My husband said fine and it was mine. I’d worry about chairs later.

I spent most of the year searching Craig’s List and yard sales and auctions for iron chairs, to no avail.  I wanted something old and heavy to go with the  old and heavy table.  Then about a month ago,  I saw pictures of an iron table with four chairs advertised for estate sale on Facebook. It was the perfect find.

We were up bright and early the morning of the sale and arrived in time to snag the iron table and chairs. I only needed the chairs but the table came with it and so we bought the set.

new table ad chairs

The seats had wooden bottoms that had to be removed because they  had rotted in the weather.  Even though our porch is covered…rain still blows in…and so we had iron slats welded into the bottoms of all the chairs for cushions.

chair seats

Then, after we decided to buy the whole set,  I turned around and saw the most perfect chairs, ever, for my lonely table, from last Summer. There were only 3. It didn’t matter. I bought the whole she-bang and crammed them all into my car and came back to town with my most perfect find. Another table and 7 chairs! And I hadn’t planned on it, but,  I found room for another table and chairs on the porch…

three chairs

My husband gave everything a sanding to get the rough places off and make everything smooth. I didn’t want to snag anyones clothes. I also didn’t want to paint it. I love the old look. I’d take something old over something new any day. They look like they came from my grandmother’s house. So we left it all very chippy.

chippy leaves

We only painted the new iron slats on the seats,  so they wouldn’t rust.

chippy back

theperfect find pt2

I ended up with more than just a table for two….There’s room enough for a whole dinner party.  🙂 I like that.

the perfect find3

I’m so happy with my perfect find….all of them….. 🙂

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