God’s Gift Today

zebra longwinged

My husband and I were having lunch on the porch Friday when I first saw  this beautiful butterfly. I had never seen one like him before and ran inside to grab my camera. I know I need to keep it outside with me, but….  By the time I got back with the camera,  he had flown away. Pooh.

This pretty fellow is a Zebra Long-winged butterfly. He prefers the shade. That’s why he wouldn’t sit still. He seemed to be a happy little camper. He flitted all over the yard, along the hedges, in the shade. We found out that his habitat is in northern Mexico and Florida. In fact,  he is the official butterfly for the state of Florida!  I guess he hitched a ride or a strong wind blew him off course. Whatever, I loved that he blew my way.

zebra longwing

I remember coloring a butterfly as a child. I always colored mine yellow. Plain ole yellow. Right now,  I have colored pictures on my refrigerator, drawn and colored by my grandchildren. They are gifts of love from them to me!

Looking at the beauty of this butterfly,  I thought how detailed God was when He created this magical creature. I guess since I’m an artist, I tend to notice details. God could have made butterflies plain ole yellow. No details.  He could have made this one just colored black or white…but He didn’t.

God is a Creator, meaning He is creative and He did not leave us in a boring world, colored by a kindergartener… instead, He made sure we were never bored with His creation. Creation is a gift from the heart of God to us everyday! Why?  Because He loves you and me. Yes, He does.  Everyday there are evidences of God’s love all around us…we just have to open our eyes. What evidences have you observed lately? A flower? A sunset? A songbird? A new baby?

zebra longwinged butterfly

My prayer is that today we stop and notice all the love that surrounds us.   Lord, Thank you for sending this butterfly to our yard for us to admire and enjoy. He’s a perfectly beautiful gift of love!  And, I love you, too.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love butterflies, each is so unique. I keep my grandsons pictures on the refrigerator as well, and smile every time I pass by them. Nice blog.

  2. Renee, absolutely, so true! I love this post and I’m going to love your blog, I just know it! Blessings to you!

  3. I like this post. I like the reminder to thank God for all the beauty that surrounds us. It is indeed blessing to have beautiful treasures around to enjoy.

  4. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Ps. 19:1

    Why God created artists: to capture those love notes. 🙂

  5. A beautiful butterfly! I love seeing the butterflies when I take walks. I see these alot in Florida. Thanks for sharing this on my blog hop!

    • Yes, I was happy to hear they live in FL…maybe more will come my way!!! Thanks for stopping by…have a great day~



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