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Easy Tried and True Berry Stain Removal

August 30, 2017

Yes, I certainly did enjoy my Berry Blueberry Muffins! Enjoyed them so much I never noticed the blueberries that had accidentally fallen into the pocket of my brand new robe! I found them Monday morning. TWO days later!!!! I was making breakfast for my husband, before he left for work.  I reached onto my pocket and felt something odd…blueberries! I tossed them away and finished breakfast.

Later I went to get dressed and there it was staring up at me in the bathroom mirror! Dark blue smudgy stains! Oh, if I had only seen them sooner, I could have gotten the stain out. My brand new robe that I love was ruined. Well, functionally it was fine…but it was all stained! Boooo

blueberry stain

I had just washed my robe the day before and there was nothing I could do now. I just dealt with it and went about my day. For two more days, I ignored the pitiful stain on my brand new, beautiful, robe that I love!!!

This morning I decided to try and get the stain out. I figured it was set in for life, but I would try.

Several Summers ago I had had blackberry stains on my white top and had learned that boiling water would get the stain out. I was hesitant at the time, as I thought boiling water would “set” the stain, for sure. But several sites claimed it worked and so I gave it a try. And it worked! I had to do it several different times that summer and was amazed every time.  It just  rinsed right out.

That same Summer, my husband had blackberry stains on his white dress shirt at lunch one day. (we were into blackberries that summer!) I started the water boiling and swiftly took his shirt off of him as he fussed and fumed. His  “favorite shirt that the collar fit just right…and now it’s ruined…”

Within 10 minutes I was the heroine of the house. I think that’s when he started calling me his “Proverbs 31 wife”… I’ll take that….

But here we are today and my beautiful, wonderful, perfect, robe that I love, is ruined!

Ok, I decided “what could it hurt.”  I put on big pot of water and brought it to a boil. Now, if you don’t know how to boil water you are in trouble.

boiling water

I place the robe over the dish rack in the sink and poured boiling water thru the stain. I did this twice because the strain had been there for….4 days already!

pouring boiling water

Then I poured SHOUT stain remover over and totally saturated what was left of the stain. (Or whatever stain remover you have on hand) I let this sit for an hour or so…until the last load of laundry was finished washing for the day.

Shout it out

Then I washed it in warm water in the washing machine.

And I am so happy! It’s clean! The stain came completely OUT!

blueberry stain gone

So during the very Berry season…remember the way to get those berry stains out…even a day or so later ( Tho, I certainly do not recommend you wait!)

1~Boiling water poured thru the stain…repeat if needed.

2~ soak with Shout or stain remover of choice….

3~ wash in warm.

Even 4 days later….. 🙂

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