Luscious Strawberry Cake

strawberry cake luscious

You can tell it’s Springtime at my house when your plate is served,  garnished with strawberries…we. love. them. You’ll find them at breakfast,  lunch and supper! Seriously… Strawberries make a meal feel gourmet.  And THAT makes your family feel special..and I’m all about showing my family how much I LOVE them! [Read more…]

Perfect Chocolate Layer Cake

Choclate Layer Cake Slice

I love chocolate. I’m a girl, ok? Chocolate denotes love.….and this cake fills the bill. I don’t know if this is true where you live, but lots of great cooks around South Georgia make a 12 -20 layer chocolate cake with layers as thin as paper and loads of thin icing covering each layer.  I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing or not.  I only know you cannot go to a covered dish dinner without there being one of these delicacies somewhere on the dessert table and maybe 2 or 3 of them!!! [Read more…]