Peach Scones

peach scones1

I love scones. Especially when I get to use fresh fruit. Recently, I posted my Cream Scones with Blueberries. Last week my daughter brought us a box of beautiful peaches. How can you go wrong with peach scones? You can’t. [Read more…]

Cream Scones and Blueberries

Cream scones and blueberriesglz

If you can make a biscuit, you can make a scone. I know ‘scones’ sound fancy, but it’s really just a biscuit made with cream and butter, rather than shortening and buttermilk. Add a little sugar and berries, too with a glaze and you’ve got a scone. Nothing to it. This is a recipe for Cream Scones and Blueberries, ¬†topped with a Lemon Glaze. [Read more…]