We Have a GIRL ~

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Oh, what a night…My ‘daughter in love‘ is amazing. She worked all day yesterday…picked up her 2 year old son from daycare and came home for supper. Around 10:30pm  she was having strong pains and after awhile my son said ‘let’s go to hospital to be safe’. As I told you yesterday: it’s an hour away. And it’s a good thing they left when they did because shortly after arriving at the hospital,  Baby Kate made her debut into the world. 12:31AM  9/11/13   6 lbs 15oz  22 inches long….precious, soft, sweet little baby girl. [Read more…]

We’re Having a Baby!


We’re having a baby!  My baby boy is having a baby girl! Her due date was yesterday~  It was last night, very late, when I realized we didn’t have gas in the car and so, I sent my husband out to do me a favor….He was sweet and filled my tank up to the brim so we wouldn’t miss a thing…I even went to bed early, so I could get some sleep before the inevitable phone call,  in the middle of the night… Yep, the call that didn’t come. [Read more…]