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    French Toast a la Doughnuts

    March 7, 2016

    Most Saturday mornings find us on treasure hunts. We like to frequent yard sales and estate sales and the like, looking for that perfect find or something to re-purpose. Lately my husband will run out to get us a biscuit to go with our coffee, for our Saturday morning journey,  but this weekend we decided to forgo the adventure and stay home.

    french toast donuts

    Still he offered to pick us up a biscuit. As I thought about it, I remembered we had leftover doughnuts from the day before. But they tend to give me a sugar rush.  I was about to say yes to the biscuit, when it hit me……  I could make French toast using the doughnuts!!!  I’d never done that before, but I knew the protein of the egg would take care of the sugar rush for me and it sounded kinda Paula Deen’ish, good. hmmmm

    Did I ever tell you Paula Deen and I are from the same hometown? Yes, and Bubba and I went through school together?  I wish I could say I remember when his mother died and his father, too, but we were children and the great sadness of what he was going through, never registered with me.  I was too busy being a child to notice. The only thing I remember is his big sister coming to pick him up one day. I remember she was pretty, with dark hair. We were probably in the 5th grade at Magnolia Elementary School.  Anyway, I wish I had understood what was happening. Bubba never talked about his great loss. And I never realized.  (I’m sorry Bubba)

    Here we are, after one short autobiographical paragraph…fast forward to Saturday morning.

    I had four leftover doughnuts.

    french toast doughnuts slicing

    So I split them in half and that gave me 8….see…. that Magnolia Street Elementary School taught me well.

    french toast doughnuts sliced

    I used 3 eggs with about 1/4 cup of milk, a dash of salt. Scrambled. Dip the doughnuts in one at a time and cook on a medium hot, lightly buttered griddle until lightly browned.

    One important tip….PLEASE don’t smash down your french toast or pancakes…..they will cook just fine without all of that.  If you flip them and they are still undercooked on one side…flip them back over and cook little more. There’s no need to flatten them down. They are so much prettier and tastier and fluffier if you just allow them to cook. js

    french toast doughnuts cooking

    Flip them over and brown the other side.

    French toast doughnuts flipped

    I actually dipped them twice and cooked twice on the uncut side.

    french toast doughnuts plated

    They were delicious! I drizzled a tiny bit of pure maple syrup over the top and served with butter and bacon.  And coffee…..

    french toast doghnut clup

    It was a perfect breakfast on the back porch.

    french toast doughnuts trio

    You’ll want to buy extra doughnuts to save so you can make French Toast a la Doughnut! Or the next time you want to have a special breakfast….this is what to serve….and your husband will say…you hit a home run with this one….least that’s what mine said.

    Happy Week,  y’all!

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