My Daddy: His Voyage Has Ended

I rarely post anything this personal, but, the death of a parent is something most of us will face. I’m hoping this will comfort you, as it has me.

My father died in December. I’m still in disbelief about his death. He was never sick and always full of life. He was 85 and could still jump up out of his LazyBoy like he was 16. Just a few weeks before, my husband and I had been commenting to each other about how healthy he looked.

Mama is the one with health issues. Her back has troubled her for years and she constantly suffers with sinus infections. The neuropathy in her feet has gotten worse. She moves slowly. Daddy always waits for her and gets the door to help her inside. So when he was diagnosed with cancer we were stunned. Two months later, we still are.

He was diagnosed 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and died 2 weeks after. There’s a lot to be thankful in that, and we are. Still, I miss him.

I have often thought of the day when I would see my grandparents again. And when Daddy became sick,  I thought how precious it would be for him to see them again,  along with his older brother who died at the age of 9 and his baby sister, who was stillborn. Not to mention his grandparents and great grandparents..all of whom were strong Christians.  They left this world, trusting in Jesus and knowing there were better days ahead, when there’d be no more sorrow. 

There’s no doubt that my daddy wouldn’t have come back to us if he could have. Still, I miss him.

This past week my husband, who loves to read to me, read me this passage from the book “The Best of  T. De Witt Talmage.” He knew it would comforted me. And it did. I have thought about it ever since. 

Mr. Talmage was a great preacher from the 1800’s. This is an excerpt from one of his sermons.  If you’ve lost a loved one, maybe this will comfort you as well. I hope so.

An old writer tells us of a ship coming from India to France. The crew was made up of French sailors who had been long from home; years gone away from their families;  and as the ship came along by the coast of France the men became uncontrollable, and they skipped the deck with glee. and they pointed to the spires of the churches where they had once worshiped and to the hills where they had played in boyhood. But,  the writers says,  that when the ship came into the port, and these sailors saw the father and mother and wife and loved ones on the wharf,  and heard the loved ones call them by their names, they sprang ashore and rushed up the banks into the city and the captain had to get another crew to bring the ship to her moorings.

Thus, heaven, our fatherland,  will after awhile be so fully in sight, we can see its towers and we can see its mansions, and we can see its hills; and as we go into port and our loved ones shall call from that shining shore and speak our names, we will spring to the beach, leaving this old ship of a world to be managed by another crew, our rough voyage of the seas ended forever.

Still, I miss him.

After he died, I posted the above picture of us on Facebook with this caption: One of the last things Daddy asked me was ” Are you leaving?” I said “Daddy, I’m not leaving you….Don’t you leave me.” but just like the photo, he did. 

I’ve always loved that picture of us…never realizing the significance of it until he died. And that’s how I feel, still, to this day. Lost. But comforted at the same time. Because of this blessed hope we have a Christians…that we don’t have to say goodbye to our loved ones forever…just for a little while.

So, Jesus. please take care of my daddy until I can see him again. And tell him, I miss him, still.

Shoney’s Strawberry Pie a Perfect Valentine’s Dessert

I miss our Shoney’s Big Boy. I don’t know where they went…but I miss them. What I really mean is: I miss Shoney’s Strawberry Pie.  I think anyone who has ever had one will agree…it’s hard to beat. 

Even tho we no longer have a Shoney’s Big Boy in our town, I do have the recipe for their delicious Strawberry pie. Thankfully. 

So while I was grocery shopping last week I found that the most gorgeous strawberries have arrived from Florida!  They always show up right before Valentines Day and I love that they’re always red through and through!  That makes them a perfect dessert for a Valentine’s dinner party, don’t you think?


Anyway, I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day so I made a pie for us. Then I made one for my daughter and then I made another one for us and…..before the week is out I’ll probably make another one. Or two. They are so good and easy to make.


The ingredients are simple. You may have most of them on hand already! A small box of Strawberry Jello, cornstarch, sugar, juice of one lemon, water and a baked pie shell, and  beautiful strawberries.


Go ahead and bake your pie shell and allow to cool completely, while you prepare the filling.



Measure sugar, water and cornstarch into a saucepan and bring to a simmer and cook until thickened.

Once thickened add a small box of strawberry jello. Stir until well blended.

At this point, I like to add the juice of one lemon. This will keep the pie from being too sweet. Most recipes don’t all for lemon juice but my family prefers it not to be too sweet.

(Sorry, I don’t have a picture of a lemon…..) ūüôā


Allow filling to cool. While the gelatin is cooling, wash and pat dry strawberries. You may slice strawberries, halve them, or coarsely chop them. Or you may do as Shoney’s did and leave them whole. I prefer to slice them in half. Add strawberries to cooled pie crust.  Go ahead and pile them as high as you can….the higher the better, I say.

Once filling is cooled, pour over strawberries.


Allow to chill in refrigerator for a couple hours before serving.

Go ahead and make one this week….you know, just a little practice before next week. ūüôā


Shoney’s Strawberry Pie a Perfect Valentine’s Dessert


  • 3-4 cups strawberries, washed, dried, sliced, hailed, chopped or left whole....your choice
  • 1 small box strawberry jello
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup COLD water
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • juice of one Lemon


  1. Bake 9 inch deep dish pie crust and cool, completely.
  2. Combine cold water, cornstarch, sugar in saucepan.
  3. Bring to a simmer and cook until thickened.
  4. Add jello and stir until well blended.
  5. Remove from heat.
  6. Allow to cool.
  7. Add strawberries to pie crust.
  8. Pour cooled filling over strawberries
  9. Chill pie for 2 hours before serving.
  10. Serve with whipped cream. Garnish with mint leaves.





How to Please God Every Single Day


Did you know there is a simple explanation as to how to please God every day of our life? Seriously.

I read a meme on Facebook yesterday that said something to the effect that if God was good enough to wake me up this morning and let me live another day,  then I would repay Him by being better today, than I was yesterday. 

I’m sure you’ve seen it or something similar. And isn’t that what we all strive to do or at least know we should? The question in all of this is, how can we please God? How do we be a better person today?

Did you know when John baptized Jesus and God spoke from the Heavens “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” …all Jesus had ever done was to work in his father’s carpenter shop?

He had done no miracles. He had not healed the sick. He certainly had not raised the dead. He just did his job. Wow. He just did his job. That’s something all of us can do. Our job.

Jesus did his best, everyday, with whatever task was set before him. He didn’t try to just get by on the job. He gave it his best.

Apparently, that’s what pleases God Almighty. Our best, everyday. So if you’re wondering what can I possibly do to please God? Take a look around……and ask: what has God placed in my life for me to do today? And whatever it is, (for me this week it was cleaning out closets and cooking for my family.) Next week it will be something else. But the point is that whatever God gives us to do, everyday,  brings Glory to our Heavenly Father and pleases Him. 

“Do all to the glory of God” was lived out in the life of the person who chiseled this flower. What an awesome reflection of his testimony. Without saying a word,  he left us an inspiring message of his faith. Faith that his life counted for something. His work ethic shows he understood he was placed here for a purpose and had a duty to do his best…first to God, then to others and also to himself.


Someone, an unknown man~ lost to history, painstakingly chiseled beautiful flowers on a cathedral,  even though it would remain unseen by the naked eye for centuries. Forever,  for all he knew!

When asked why go to that much trouble carving something no one would ever see,  the craftsmen building the great cathedrals in Europe would say…

“God sees.”

I love this story. It always inspires me to do my best, even when no one is looking. Even if I get no credit for what I do. God knows when I do my best. And He knows when I am just getting by.

It’s called a work ethic. It’s something we instill in our children by our own example, everyday.

That should be our motto and work ethic every single day. Not that anyone else knows, but that God knows and like Jesus said. “Your Father,  who sees what is done in secret,  will reward you.” 

What else had Jesus done? He studied God’s word. He obeyed his parents. He was respectful of God’s requirements. All of which is doable and pleasing to God.

So, what will you be doing this week to please God? I’m going to start on another closet.


Designer Photo Gallery on a Budget


I love taking pictures…and, as it turns out, I happen to have some of the cutest grandchildren,  ever. ….. ūüėČ and I also have more cute photos than I know what to do with.

It’s been three years since my daughter moved into her new home.  She has a loooong, beautiful, empty wall in her hallway. There’s at least 15 feet of wall space…the perfect place for a photo gallery!

Buying frames can be hard on a budget…especially if you want to frame a lot at one time.  However, there is a little known secret I’m going to share with you about how I did her whole 15 foot photo gallery and how you can have a designer photo gallery on a budgetňá

Decide on Wall Space

First thing you’ll need is wall space.  Even tho my daughter has a huge wall for a gallery, a small gallery can be just as impressive.   So, don’t worry if your space is limited.  Find the perfect place in your home and go for it!

Collect an Assortment of Frames

The next thing you’ll need are frames. Many multi-sized frames.


We’re doing this on a budget. Right?  Here’s how to saved tons of money on frames. Once I decided to make a gallery,  I began slowly collecting interesting frames to use. My secret: I bought all of the frames I used at Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift stores. I bought some really nice frames. I bought some old wooden frames.  I bought some down right ugly frames (that had good lines). I bought some beautiful frames. I bought some plastic frames that I’d never hang in my home, least not the way they were.  I bought them because they had good lines or a design that I loved. I’d worry about them being plastic later.  You can find some beautiful frames at very inexpensive prices at thrift stores. So start there.

See the large oval cream colored frame below? It’s cheap, thin plastic..and it was an ugly gold color. And it framed an ugly pastel print. Who, might I ask, is going to be touching your frames? So, see, once you frame your beautiful family portrait with it…they will never know.


It took me a while to collect enough, so go ahead and start making regular trips to your local thrift shops.

Don’t worry about making all the frames match, just yet…Look at the detail and if it’s a look you like we can deal with the color later.  When I saw a frame that looked interesting or in a different size, I grabbed it. If the price bothered me, I didn’t buy it.  The great thing is, you get to decide.


Decide on a Color for Your Gallery

A designer gallery requires some cohesiveness. The next thing I did was to paint the frames. My daughter has turquoise in her home and I wanted a color that carried that theme down the hall.

You decide what color you want for your gallery.  Some use all gold frames, or only black or only silver. Or you may want to spray paint them all one color, say for a child’s room, like royal blue or red. You may want them to be dark stained wood. Whatever works in your space….there is no right or wrong color. You just want them to go together.

Run painter’s tape along the edge before you paint…js


We wanted a old frenchy looking gallery of aqua-blues with silver and maybe a little gold peeking through.

I painted the frames a pale aqua chalk paint, and sanded them so that they looked old,  with some of the gold showing. They were beautiful.


After I painted them,  I took several to my daughter’s house and checked to see how they looked in her hallway. What I found was that they were the same color value as her dove gray walls. They wouldn’t have the impact that we were wanting.

So sad..:(

I took them back home and added dark gray to the edges so they would pop off the walls. It worked! I left the blue and added some silver to the details with dark gray on the sides. That solved the problem.

Layout Design on Table or Floor

I find it easier to go ahead and work on your layout for the gallery, on the floor or a tabletop, prior to working on the wall.

Begin by placing your largest frames wherever you’d like them and work from there.


I LOVE my tiny little frames.

I decided that my three large frames would be the focal point of the gallery, so I placed them in the center and worked out from there, balancing the size frames on each side, mainly because my daughter likes things balanced.  (I know that having things off balance would drive her nuts. ha!)


Take a photo with your phone.

Having a photo of my layout made it easier to place frames and/or patterns on the wall. It gave me something to refer to when making placement, because I had already decided what arrangement looked best. I took this photo with me to her house.

This was the beginning of our gallery.


Make Pattern of Frame Sizes

Making a pattern of each frame is a great help in arranging the frames on your wall.  Lay frames out on brown paper. You may use brown paper bags or butcher paper. Place them, touching each other and draw a pattern of each one.

gallery-layout-brown-paper gallery-brown-paper

Once the patterns are cut out,  use the paper cut-outs to arrange your “frames” on the wall with painters tape….



….so you won’t have to put holes all over the wall while deciding what goes where. This also makes it easier to make adjustments to your original design.

Counting Frames by Size


Next I made a list of how many frames I have in each size.

I had 4 5×5 and 3 8×10…etc.

With this info,  I was able to decide which photos I needed,  in which size.  You may choose to use color photos or  black and white photos or sepia or a combination!


Choosing Photos

Once you have your frames painted and the layout decided, it’s time for photos.  There are several criteria I used to decide the pictures for our gallery. You will have your own criteria,  but this will give you an idea of my project.

1.   Have basically an equal number of photos of each child.

2.  Photos from each stage of their lives: baby, toddler, early childhood, middle school, high school.

3.  Family group photos

4.  Photos of kids with each other.

5.  Extended family photos.  (if I don’t run out of frames:)

Most of the photos I have are on my computer, so I made a folder with my favorite photos of each child.

Since I wanted this done yesterday, I uploaded photos to Walmart’s one hour photo lab and chose the sizes I needed.  Easy Peasy. I ordered my photos, put them into the frames and I was ready to go.


Tip on Positioning Frames

***Any photo with small subjects needs to be close to or below eye level.

You may have a small frame with a large subject a little higher because the subject can still be seen. But group photos with lots of small faces need to be at eye level to be enjoyed.


Adding Interesting Objects

Lastly, to make the photo gallery more interesting, we added some words that describe the gallery. We chose, “Family”, “Blessed” and “Love.”  I found these at Hobby Lobby for half price.  Another thing I found at Goodwill was a large metal key.


Adding Letters

Use initials, empty frames  and any other object of interest to personalize your gallery.

The great thing about a photo gallery is you can change it all along. You may add more, take away some…add seasonal pictures to decorate, like Christmas photos from years past. It can be as large or as small as you like.


I couldn’t stop…..once I got started,  I had so many cute photos…(I told you)  and every time I stopped by a thrift store there would be another frame calling my name….I had to fill the wall completely…..we will worry about where to place the 8 year old’s middle school and high school pictures later… ūüôā


We are all so happy with the way it turned out.  So what are you waiting for?  Make a folder of your best and cutest photos, start thrift shopping for frames and decide what color is best for  you…

A Designer Photo Gallery on a Budget can be yours in no time at all!





The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Make-Over

I’m so happy! We finally finished the vanity for my daughter’s bathroom. And it’s perfect!

PicMonkey vaVanity makeover ad2

When she moved into her new home, the whole bathroom had been renovated,  except there was no vanity.  All Summer she looked for the perfect piece of furniture to use as her bathroom vanity. Finally, she found an old French Provincial dresser, the perfect size. The perfect price.  With a little TLC it really would be a perfect vanity.

french provincial dresser before

This one isn’t the actual one because…..well, you know, I forgot to take a before picture….But this is the exact same style. Hers had one broken drawer. Three of them will have to be cut shorter for the pipes, anyway.

She decided she wanted it painted dark gray, to coordinate with her bedroom,  and a dark stain on the top.

And I tried. I really did. Once it was sanded, I stained it.   I wasn’t happy with the stain. I sanded it again.( Ok, my husband sanded it AGAIN)  I tried twice to get the stain right. I wasn’t satisfied.

So, on to plan B.

Next we thought having a hard surface cut would be easier to maintain.

But alas, we hadn’t budgeted for it, so….in the end, I talked her in to Plan C:  letting me faux marble the top.  She had her doubts.

A prophet is not honored….artist either, turns out.

I told her we’d figure something else out later (Plan D), if she didn’t like it…but for now….mama’s gonna faux marble.

vanity faux marble

And I did. That will be another post, soon.  Faux Marble is a fun alternative and you really can’t go wrong….in fact,  there are places I’ve seen have “faux marble” and I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the real thing……and there are other places that had “faux marble” that I thought ” You payed good money for this?”  I knew I could at least come some where in the middle….and it wasn’t going to cost anything at all! Except for the supplies and I basically already had everything…

Once I convinced her to go with the faux marble,  she had to decide on a sink.  She found a perfect vessel sink. It was wide but not too deep.

vanity sink

Isn’t that perfect?   (Well, except for the two missing drawers…they didn’t make it for the photo shoot, obviously, but they’re there now.)  Most bathrooms have double sinks…and that’s fine, but I find that even tho we have two sinks, my husband and I use only one of them…(so when I remodel my bathroom…. 50 years from now…I’m going with one sink, too!)

vanity sink installed

Once it was installed, we were in love. It’s prefect. She found the sink with fixtures on Amazon with Free Delivery!

If you are in the market for a vessel sink, look on Amazon and search vessel sinks…but also search hand painted vessel sinks…or hand painted Mexican Vessel sinks. There are some very pretty hand painted ones out there, besides plain ole white.

vanity accessories1

Matching accessories were easy to find. I had the gray vase on a shelf, gathering dust and the flowers were left over from her Picture Frame Wreath. They made a perfect touch of color for the room.

vanity made over I grabbed a mirror from her sunroom and painted it to match…yep, that’s painter’s tape still on there…ooops…it still needs to be glazed before I remove it.

The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Make-Over turned out, how can I say it?? Perfect!  She’s happy to be able to finally brush her teeth in her own bathroom.

And BTW, when the plumber came in to install the sink, he took one look and said, “oh, no, I don’t cut through marble…..”

My daughter told him to touch it…….she couldn’t wait to tell me…ha!

In the end….Faux Marble Mama is vindicated.


Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 5

pictures of Jesus ad

Last week I re-posted a long ago post from 2013¬†Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 4,¬† because it was my nephew’s wedding day and my post was about a wedding….I decided to go ahead and take the next few weeks to re-post the whole series…since, after all, ¬†it is my favorite…I hope you are as amazed at God’s¬†detailed plan for our salvation as I always am……bless you.

So far¬†we’ve covered 4 pictures of Jesus in our album!

The first week…one of my favorites…we saw how Jesus was there in the beginning when God created the earth. Skeptical? I don’t mind…read this: Here

Week 2 we read about God’s creation and the first thing he did was to create Light. And we know Jesus said HE is the light of the ¬†world…so we have another glimpse of Jesus right at the beginning of creation. Read this and I’ll fill you in: Here

The next week was the first wedding and how Adams relationship with Eve is a portrait of Christ and the church. The most beautiful wedding photos ever:  Here

And last week, we saw the picture of Eve’s being deceived and her husband lowering himself to her level, in order to save her. Here

Brilliant pictures for us…but maybe not so brilliant for those who had no New Testament to compare them with. Still, they’re there. And as we unfold the dusty pages of our album today,¬†we will see what God did as a result of their sin.

As soon as Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened, they knew they were naked and covered themselves with fig leaves. God had said, In the day you eat of the tree you will surely die.”

Before the day ended, in the cool of the evening, God came to visit them.

What do we know about Eden? We know it was perfect, it was lush, it was a place of complete relaxation, no worries, nothing to fear… a place to live…and it belonged to Adam and Eve. Paradise. That’s the word for it. Their every day was Paradise.

Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

But an intruder came into their perfect life and they both fell into sin. Well, they didn’t fall into anything…they chose to believe a lie. And because of them, ¬†death entered the world.


This is a picture of all of us. Banished.

Mariotto Albertinelli: Expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise

Mariotto Albertinelli: Expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise

We have choices and we make the wrong ones. We are selfish and demand our own way…and God lets us have it…but out of His eternal love for us, He provides a way for us, to once again return to Him. The first picture we have of God’s eternal plan for the salvation of man is seen right here, in the Garden, with Adam and Eve, on the very day they sinned.

On day one, God showed mankind what they would have to do to approach Him.

 He made garments out of skins and clothed them.    

That’s what it says.

A library full of books could be written on that one line.

Adam and Eve lived in a picture perfect world. They had never seen so much as a leaf fall to the ground and die. But on this day, God made the first sacrifice for sin…a foretelling of an event that was to come. Something had to die in order for their ‘sin’ to be ‘covered.’

Adam and Eve had never seen death. The had never seen anything to compared to this. At once, they understood the gravity of what they had done. Something gave its life so they could live. And this should resonate in the heart of all believers:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†God himself provided the sacrifice. He ‘covered’ their sin.

It was a picture. As time went on the picture became more and more clear…but it still wasn’t perfectly clear, ¬†even after the death of Jesus. The disciples who walked and talked with him daily, ¬†still had no clue how all of this related to their Messiah. They were confused. After Jesus died they were in utter dismay. ¬†Expecting a King to free them from the tyranny of Rome…they didn’t understand that the Messiah had to die.

But the scripture tells us…after the resurrection Jesus met them on the road to Emmaus ¬†and Jesus beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them all the scriptures concerning himself.” Luke 24:27 Jesus began with the very scriptures WE are studying and explained how they were all pictures of Him!

There are two pictures in the Old testament of the coming Messiah. One a conquering King…the other, mostly overlooked…a suffering servant ( Isaiah 53). Jesus came as the servant to suffer and die for the sin of the whole world. And He rose from the dead.

My husband asked me: “Do you know why Jesus rose from the dead?” ¬†Ok, I’ll play along… “No, why?” ¬†“Because the wages of sin is death and Jesus never sinned, so death couldn’t hold him”……wow….. just wow.

God Gives Adam a Glimpse of His Plan

God pronounced the curse on mankind for their disobedience. But before He pronounced the curse…He gave them hope. He gave us another significant picture of something to come in the future…speaking to satan, God said:

” I will put enmity between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel.”

It is significant that God spoke of satan’s seed…..and Eve’s seed. The first indication of a virgin birth. All other places in the Bible, ¬†offspring, are referred to as the seed of man. But THIS particular seed will be the seed of Woman. Eve’s seed, the seed of woman, ¬†will redeem the world of sin. And then God pronounced the curse and they were banished from the garden.

I heard a well known preacher say he didn’t think Adam and Eve were saved. Well, I respectfully disagree. I’ll tell you why next week.

Roasted Beef Bone Broth

roasted beef bone broth ad

It was the last week before school starts back.  I’d been helping my daughter with her children’s last minute needs, as she worked to get her classroom ready for Open House on Thursday and Kindergarteners on Friday.

Last week I put up 8 bushels of white acre peas, made 5 makings of my meatball recipe to freeze, painted and worked in my daughter’s house, marbleized her vanity top….which I will be posting about soon… and ordered her sink which came in 3 days! They install it tomorrow and we can’t wait!

In the midst of all this,  was a little discussion on a Facebook page about bone broth…and mainly about chicken feet bone broth. yikes. Some commented how unpleasant it sounded, but there’s lots of great nutritional value to be found in those little toes….Of course, you have to clean them and peel the skin off, so that leaves the feet clean and very nutritious addition to a pot of bone broth.

I’ve yet to have the pleasure of using chicken feet… ūüėČ

As all this was being discussed, I had to make room for all my peas in my little bitty freezer. I came across some beef bones I had used before and froze to use again, that were in my way.   I decided to make a new pot of Roasted Beef Bone Broth and that’s when someone asked for the recipe and I realized I had never actually posted it……I said all of that to say this: here you go. Roasted Beef Bone Broth.

Roasted Beef Bone Broth is so good and so nice to have on hand for a warm cup of broth and to use in all sorts of soups and sauces.

I found a butcher who was nice enough to help me with my bones. He cut them into about one inch pieces. I brought them home and placed them on a baking sheet.

beef bone broth tray

I  roasted beef bones for 45 minutes at 400*.

beef bone broth roasted

After roasting, remove the bones to a stock pot and the fat (tallow) will be rendered and  left in the pan.


Save it to cook with!

beef tallow

I had 2 pints of tallow.   The picture below shows one pint cooled, the other, still hot. I store it in my refrigerator and use it to cook with.

tallow hot and cold

Once the bones are roasted, add bones to a large stock pot.

beef bone broth full

Cover bones with water, Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea salt. Allow to stand about an hour. then proceed with recipe.

Bone Broth beef pot

Add celery, onion, carrots, garlic, pepper, egg shells (great calcium) and simmer very gently for 18-24 hours. Yes, you may cook over low heat in a crock pot.

bone broth beef veggies

Strain and cool. Remove fat on top. Ladle into jars to freeze (be sure to leave an inch for expansion in the freezer)  or into a container to store in fridge. It will keep about 2 weeks in fridge.

The next day, after it is completely cooled… this is what you want. This is the goody.

beef bone broth congealed

Congealed broth is full of collagen and tons of minerals needed by our bodies for optimal health. You can read my post on the benefits of bone broth here, which include reducing inflammation, symptoms of arthritis and reducing joint pain, not to mention,  promoting healthy hair, strong bones and nails. But one of the best reasons to include Bone Broth in your diet is its ability to heal a leaky gut which is the root cause of many autoimmune diseases.

If your broth doesn’t congeal quite to this degree, never fear. It still has great nutritional value that exceeds anything store bought.  Just remember….This is the goal. ūüôā

To serve,  season with salt, pepper and your favorite herbs or/and seasonings and enjoy a cup of broth.

bone broth cup

Or use bone broth to make soup…. French Onion Soup is awesome with bone broth. Use your bone broth for sauce or gravy or simply enjoy a cup.

Bone broth may be made with any bones or combination of bones. Here is more info on bone broth on my Easy to Make bone broth recipe.

beef bone broth easy to make



Roasted Beef Bone Broth


  • Raw Beef Bones (5-10 pounds bones) or more:)
  • 2 -3 TBLS Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Braggs)
  • 1 TBLS Sea Salt
  • 1 TBLS Peppercorns
  • 2 large onions coarsely chopped
  • 4 celery stalks coarsely chopped
  • 1 head of garlic, quartered
  • 1-2 cups chopped carrots
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • Your choice of Seasoning salt, salt, pepper, spices, herbs


  1. Place bones on a shallow roasting pan and roast for 45 minutes in a 400* oven.
  2. Remove pan of bones from oven.
  3. Using a slotted spoon, spoon bones into 6 quart Stock Pot. (Or your large stock pot)
  4. (The roasting pan will have a good amount tallow which you can pour up, once cooled, into jars to use for cooking.)
  5. Cover bones in 6 quart stock pot with water.
  6. Add onions, celery, garlic, carrots, bay leaves
  7. After simmering 4-5 hours I usually remove vegetables with a slotted spoon: carrots/celery/onion/bay leaves and continue to cook.
  8. Simmer bones, on the lowest heat, in broth 18-24 hours
  9. Allow to cool in pot. Add seasoning herbs now, to steep as it cools, if you like, or wait and season by the cup or recipe.
  10. Once cooled, strain through a sieve and pour into freezer containers or jars to freeze or refrigerate.
  11. Season with salt and pepper and/or seasoning salt or herbs
  12. Delicious by the cup... or use in soups, sauces, and gravies.
  13. Incorporating bone broth into your family's diet is beneficial for everyones health.
  14. **May be cooked in a slow cooker.
  15. **I turn my stove all the way down to the lowest temp, so that it is barely simmering. This is especially important at night. Rarely, do I add more water.
  16. **The bones may be cooled and either frozen until you are ready to make another batch or go ahead and start another batch with same bones and new vegetables. Bones are good until they are soft. You may add various other bones to this recipe: lamb, oxtail, pork etc.
  17. Enjoy.



Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 4

really old book isolated on white background.

My nephew is getting married later today. ¬†It’s Saturday morning and I stumbled upon this old post I had¬†written three years ago, to the day….about another beautiful wedding……I took it as a sign that I should¬†share¬†it again…This post is part of a series about pictures of Jesus in Genesis, one of my favorite topics. ¬†I hope you enjoy and have a blessed Sunday.

Did you know that Adam laid down his life for his wife?¬† Sound familiar? Of course it does. We know that Jesus laid down his life for our sin. ¬†And we’re looking for pictures of Jesus in Genesis… [Read more…]

Salted Caramel Pecan Ice-cream

About¬†5 years ago, I stumbled upon a Sea Salt Caramel gelato. I fell in love. My daughter’s birthday that year sent me on a search for a salted caramel ice cream recipe I could make for her celebration.

                          devils food cake jennifer

I found one, tried it and it was very similar to my favorite gelato.  A few tweaks later, along with the addition of pecans, made it next to perfection.

Our favorite home Churned Salted Caramel Pecan Ice Cream was born.

This recipe is one to add to your Bucket List of Ice Cream recipes to try…..

You do have a homemade ice cream bucket list, don’t you? ūüôā

Salted Caramel Pecan Ice-cream ad

To begin with, if I’m churning ice-cream, ¬†I want to make a whole gallon. I mean, this is work, so I want to make sure I have plenty from the get-go. ¬†I have a 4 quart churn, which BTW I picked up at our local Goodwill Store for a fraction of the retail price…and it was new in the box, never even opened!

4 quarts equals one gallon, incase you’ve forgotten.

The first thing you want to do is measure out all ingredients so everything is ready to go, when needed.


Pour 2 cups of milk in a large stainless steel bowl ( I use my Kitchen-Aid large mixing bowl.) Place the bowl of milk in another bowl of icewater. Allow the milk to chill while you make the caramel custard.

Begin by browning the sugar in a HEAVY pan. You must stay with it and watch it, stirring constantly because sugar will burn and you don’t want burnt icecream….who knew that was even possible?

   Salted Caramel Ice cream sugar      salted caramel ice cream sugar cooking

As the sugar heats over med-low heat, it will begin to melt and it may seem to be lumping up but it will melt down and begin to brown and you will have a nice caramel color.

¬† ¬† Also…make sure there are no children in the kitchen. This stuff is¬†Hot!

Cook, stirring constantly, until the¬†sugar is browned. When you begin to see smoke, ever so slightly,¬†IMMEDIATELY ¬†REMOVE ¬†pan¬†from heat and add sea salt (don’t use regular table salt) (mine was coarse sea salt and it was fine) and butter, stirring until melted. ¬†Gradually whisk in cream, stirring constantly. Stir in the other 2 cups of milk. (Not the milk on ice)
salted caramel ice cream browning

salted caramel ice cream browned

salted caramel icecream cooking

salted caramel ice cream milk

Whisk egg yolks.

Very gradually/slowly stir in a small amount, (about a cup) of the caramel mixture into the egg yolks, stirring to incorporate mixture and temper the eggs.

Add the tempered egg mixture back  into the pan with the caramel and cook slowly until the custard reaches 160-170*F  (71-77* C)

salted Caramel Ice Cream eggs        salted caramel ice cream ice cream cool

Pour cooked custard through a sieve and into the bowl of cold milk.

( To be safe, I placed the bowl of cold milk in the sink (lower position) and poured the HOT custard into the bowl, rather than lifting the hot custard above the counter top to pour………………

( actually, I placed it in the sink and had my husband do the pouring )

Next, stir in vanilla, Eagle Brand Milk and chopped pecans.  Refrigerate overnight or for at least 8 hours.

salted caramel ice cream custard

When ready to churn, pour custard into 4 qt. churn canister and add additional cream (or half n half) to the fill line. Churn according to instruction.

Once the ice cream has finished churning, ¬†allow ice-cream to ‘ripen.’ ¬†To do this: remove dasher from churn and replace lid. Add additional rock salt and ice around canister in¬†churn and cover with dishtowels. Allow to sit (ripen) for at 20-30 minutes. This allows the ice-cream to harden properly.

salted caramel pecan ad

This recipe is so perfect that leftovers can be frozen and the ice cream remains soft enough to easily dip.¬†I save my store bought gelato containers…they came in handy to freeze my very own leftover~ ¬†Salted Caramel Pecan Ice Cream!

salted caramel leftovers

Salted Caramel Pecan Ice-cream ad

It’s what’s for dessert!

Salted Caramel Pecan Ice-cream


  • **4 Quart Ice Cream Churn**
  • 4 cups whole milk, divided
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 1 stick salted butter (8 tablespoons)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons SEA salt
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 10 large egg yolks
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 1/2 cups toasted salted pecans, coarsely chopped


  1. Place 2 cups of milk in a stainless steel bowl (I used my large Kitchen Aid Mixing bowl)
  2. Place bowl of milk into a larger bowl or pan of ice.
  3. Cover ice with water.
  4. Set aside while making Caramel Custard.
  5. Place 3 cups of white granulated sugar in a heavy pan.
  6. Over medium low heat, using a heat resistant spoon, stir sugar as it heats and melts. Watch it and stir constantly as sugar burns easily!
  7. Once it BARELY begins to smoke and has turned a nice medium brown REMOVE from heat IMMEDIATELY
  8. Add Butter and salt, stir to melt
  9. Gradually whisk in cream and then add 2 cups of milk (Not the milk that's over ice)
  10. Whisk eggs yolks in a small bowl
  11. Slowly whisk about 1/2 cup of the caramel mixture to temper the yolks
  12. Add tempered yolks back into the caramel mixture
  13. Continue to cook over med heat until the custard reaches 160*-170* F or 71-77* C
  14. Strain the custard into the chilled milk.
  15. *** for safety, I place the chilled milk in it's bowl in the sink and pour HOT custard into bowl from there, rather than lifting it above the counter and into the bowl***
  16. Add Sweetened Condensed Milk to mixture
  17. Finally, Stir in Pecans and vanilla
  18. Allow to chill in refrigerator overnight or at least 8 hours.
  19. Pour mixture into churn and add cream or half N half to the fill line.
  20. Churn according to directions.
  21. Allow ice-cream to ripen for 20-30 minutes for best results
  22. Freezes beautifully, if you want to make ahead.
  23. Garnish with additional chopped, toasted pecans.
  24. Enjoy!