We’re Having a Baby!


We’re having a baby!  My baby boy is having a baby girl! Her due date was yesterday~  It was last night, very late, when I realized we didn’t have gas in the car and so, I sent my husband out to do me a favor….He was sweet and filled my tank up to the brim so we wouldn’t miss a thing…I even went to bed early, so I could get some sleep before the inevitable phone call,  in the middle of the night… Yep, the call that didn’t come.

When their first baby was born, baby Joe, two years ago, we had been over to the house working on the nursery when Mommy Lisa started feeling a little bad. Hurting just a bit. But~ you-know-what-I-know; it’s hard to tell a new mother what labor pains feel like…so we went home and she went to bed. Several hours later my son called to say he was going to take her on to the hospital, just to check.

Did I mention the hospital  is an hour away? Yes. It is. An hour later we get a text message…”we are having a baby tonight!”  Well, you -know-what-I-know…babies take their time getting here and by now it’s 1:30ish A.M. I called his older sister and we made the decision to get a little sleep and in a couple of hours we would ride over.

Something kept nagging me in the back of my mind. I couldn’t go to sleep. What was it?  Then it hit me…. Lisa’s sister could barely get to the hospital before her baby was born, and she was at the local hospital!    Twenty minutes had passed.    I jumped up called my daughter  told her what I thought…she said “Did you get the last text?”  No, I hadn’t.  “She’s dilated at 10cm!!!”   O.M.G.

We were flying low, but we made it for baby Joe’s delivery.

So today, as I await the arrival of our new Baby Kate, I am praying for her mommy~  that she will have an easy delivery, and I’m praying for BabyKate ~ that she will be healthy and strong and I’m praying for my baby…that he doesn’t have to deliver his daughter on the side of the interstate. The hospital is still an hour away and you-know-what-I-know…Second babies come faster than first.  Yikes!





  1. How exciting! Congratulations 🙂



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