Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

valentines day dnner party

Valentine’s Day is one of my most favorite days of the year….yes,  I have lots of favorites…but my favorite in February is…well…besides my anniversary, (which is my all time,  most favorite day, ever)….is Valentine’s Day.  And the reason is,  I get to invite some of my favorite people for a dinner party.

My motto for hosting a great dinner party is this: Make it pretty and keep it simple. I usually serve something really simple like my crab stew  or shrimp and grits, a salad, great bread and end the meal with some decadent chocolate dessert. I decorate with fresh flowers and candles. Simple. Understated. Beautiful.

valentine table3

This is my breakfast room.  We have breakfast here every morning (if we aren’t on the back porch) and on special occasions I host intimate dinner parties here. It’s my favorite room. You can’t see it from here but, I have a blue and white hand-painted floorcloth on the floor and a hand-painted china cabinet to the right. I will be giving tutorials on these in the next few weeks. So do come back.

I love vintage kitchen tablecloths. I collect them. The one I use on Valentine’s Day is white with a gray border,  outlined with a black scrolly design and clusters of red roses. It’s perfect for my Valentine’s Day dinner party. Red votive candle holders and red tapers give the room a romantic ambiance for the evening.  And then there’s the red tulips in a blue and white vase. So pretty.  This room is blue and white with silver accents, and so my silver chargers are perfect.

valentines table2

Creating a romantic Valentine’s tablescape is simple with just a few items: A tablecloth, candles and pretty flowers. Add some pretty music in the background,  serve a simple meal and you’ll make a memories your friends will love to remember.

Our friends look forward to our Valentine’s Day Dinner Party every year.  It’s become a tradition.  With very little effort,  my little breakfast room transforms into a romantic little party…just for an evening. It’s my Valentine’s Day gift to people I love ~ my husband and my friends.

And with just a little planning you can, too.  What are your Valentine’s Day plans?  Do you have Valentine’s Day traditions? Would LOVE to hear about them!



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