Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 2

Genesis Book & Sky

Welcome back!  I was thinking about our picture album and this week’s ‘photo’ and it occurred to me that most of my life I thought that the main purpose of the book of Genesis was to tell the story of creation. It is one of the reasons we have the book of Genesis, but the primary purpose is to reveal God’s plan of redemption for mankind…and that plan is about Jesus.  We have the advantage of having the New Testament to shine a light back into the Old Testament and make things clearer.  It helps all these old ‘photos’ make sense. [Read more…]

God is Moving on Your Behalf


Not long ago I posted that Sometimes Life Hurts. And it does!  Sometimes you can pray for  a certain outcome and just the opposite happens. It’s easy to question God on those days. I know I certainly do. Sometimes it hurts so badly you can hardly catch your breath.

I sat for several days in stunned dismay. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what had just happened to one of my children. There was no justice, it was not fair and it looked for all practical purposes like evil had triumphed! It was ungodly, unrighteous, unfair, unreal. We [Read more…]