Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries

Sweet BIscuits and Strawberries 12

Looking for the perfect dessert for Mother’s day? I don’t know about you,  but I usually have both of our mothers, plus our daughters, daughters in love,  and grandchildren for Sunday Dinner on any and every holiday,  including Mother’s Day. It’s fine. I love cooking and blessing my family with good food.  This dessert is easy and it has strawberries and real whipped cream. But that’s not the best part. All of that goodness is sitting on top of a wonderful sweet biscuit. Last Spring I served this for supper one night. Yes, I did. Just this. No one complained.  We had dinner guests last night and I served Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries for dessert. Wonderful!  It was so wonderful, we had toasted Sweet Biscuits and Strawberries tonight! [Read more…]

Strawberry Mousse Cake

strawberry mousse cake slice

Strawberry Mousse Cake. The perfect Sunday dinner dessert.  I made it easy on myself Easter and decided to bake a doctored up cake mix. With just a little doctoring you can have a cake that tastes like it’s from scratch!  And, with homemade strawberry mousse,  topped with  fresh whipped cream, no one needs to know! [Read more…]

Luscious Strawberry Cake

strawberry cake luscious

You can tell it’s Springtime at my house when your plate is served,  garnished with strawberries…we. love. them. You’ll find them at breakfast,  lunch and supper! Seriously… Strawberries make a meal feel gourmet.  And THAT makes your family feel special..and I’m all about showing my family how much I LOVE them! [Read more…]