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soup for colds and flu

    Easy to Make Bone Broth

    February 8, 2016

    Easy to Make Bone Broth

    Easy to Make Bone Broth has become a favorite project of mine. I try to keep it on hand at all times….for so many reasons. Bone broth helps to ward off sicknesses and heals your leaky gut, which if you haven’t heard is the reason for many autoimmune disorders, including the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that I struggle with.   Even if you don’t have an autoimmune disorder, it’s still a good idea to help keep your body healthy and strong and possibly even keep autoimmune disorders from happening. Did you know autoimmune disorders have become epidemic in our nation? Me, neither. It’s serious!


    There are 50 million other reasons why bone broth is so good for you. To begin with it keeps you beautiful…What? Oh yes…by helping you to sleep better, by giving you healthy, strong bones, hair and nails. Plus the added benefit of keeping your skin healthy and strong, so it doesn’t break down into a wrinkly mess. Some say it’s better than botox. I’ve noticed a major improvement in my fingernails, so I know it’s working. If your skin or hair is dry,  I suggest you get a pot brewing right away!   I’ll keep you posted on the wrinkles… 🙂

    BONE BROTH Cures what AILS YOU

    I know, keeping you beautiful is a huge claim…but, it’s true! Not only that, it also has many other major benefits that make it worth the effort.  Our grandmothers were right! Bone broth is good for what ails you, including colds and flu. It’s good to keep pot on the stove…or at least keep some on hand in the freezer…


    To begin with, you’ll need lots of bones.  The boney bones are the best. I started out buying chicken/turkey wings, backs and necks. I also save the carcass of any chicken I bake in my clay pot. I freeze them until I have enough to fill my stock pot.  You can use any bones. I have tossed in a ham bone, roast beef bones, lamb chop bones, pigs feet bones (My Husband’s mother makes them for him…not me) soup bones, marrow bones, ox tail bones.

    Whatever bones you have will work. Yes, you may mix the bones. Or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I keep a large freezer bag in the freezer and add bones, as I have them, until I have enough.  Keep in mind you may also keep a bowl in the fridge of leftover vegetable scraps to add to the pot. The more, the better.


    Bone broth is perfect to use in any recipe that calls for stock, broth (or wine). You can use it to cook vegetables, such as rice or peas and also to make your own soups. I use it to make white sauce and gravies, too. The only difference is you’ll be adding loads of nutritional value to the dish.  It’s so much better than store bought.

    Now it’s your turn to make your Bone Broth.  Just throw it in the pot, turn it on low and forget about it…your house will smell divine. And you’ll be cooking up something that keeps you and your family healthy …..and looking good, too!

    Enjoy a warm cup of bone broth for breakfast, lunch and supper….and any time in between! Just season to taste.

    Easy to Make Bone Broth


    • Lots of bones...chicken. hen, turkey, ham, beef
    • I use thighs, wings, necks, ox tails and beef marrow bones from the butcher. Leftover carcasses from whatever you have cooked. Freeze until you have enough for a pot.
    • 2 TBLS Apple Cider Vinegar
    • A large onion, quartered
    • 3-4 stalks celery
    • 5-6 cloves garlic
    • poultry seasonings or herbs of your choice (Optional) (I use 'Litehouse' freeze dried Poultry seasoning, Herb Blend)
    • Sea Salt or Himalayan or Mediterranean salt
    • pepper


    1. Fill a stock pot with assorted bones.
    2. Cover bones with water.
    3. Add vinegar. Allow to stand for one hour.
    4. Add vegetables
    5. S&P, Preferably sea salt
    6. Bring almost to a boil and then reduce heat to barely a simmer
    7. After 6-8 hours of cooking I spoon the vegetables out of broth and continue cooking without them. You may leave them in if you wish.
    8. Simmer 24-48 hours
    9. Strain
    10. Add herbs of choice. Any personal favorites or a combination of thyme, sage, rosemary will work.
    11. (I use 'Litehouse' freeze dried Poultry Seasoning, Herb Blend)
    12. Cool, stirring occasionally to infuse herbs
    13. Store overnight in refrigerator.
    14. Scrape fat from top of cold broth.
    15. It should be congealed or thick. Even if it's not, it is still good and nutritious!
    16. At this point I spoon into jars or freezer containers.
    17. I keep some in refriderator to use during the week and freeze any extra.
    18. Season each cup to your taste with salt, pepper and/or herbs
    19. You may use in any recipe that calls for stock or broth for added nutrition to your dish.
    20. *** This recipe is perfectly suited to cook in a crock pot/slow cooker***
    21. Enjoy


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