Pumpkin Patch Party Invitations

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It’s almost time  to send out Pumpkin Patch Party invitations this year. We’ve set date for November 2nd. And I ‘m so excited! I’ve never held the party after Halloween before but I think it’s going to be great.  In the past, the party begins at 6PM and ends around 8PM. It’s always daylight at the beginning but before it’s the party’s over it grows dark and the lanterns begin to glow and it’s soooooo pretty! [Read more…]

Pumpkin Pound Cake


Somehow it just seemed fitting to serve Pumpkin dishes at our annual Pumpkin Patch Party. For the first few years I did all the cooking so it was imperative that I find recipes I could make ahead and freeze. Pumpkin Pound Cake is one of the first  things I cook each year.  It is delicious and it freezes beautifully. [Read more…]

Face Painting for Pumpkin Patch Party

the girls help

Face painting has become a big part of our Pumpkin Patch Party.   With so many children attending the party it’s important to have enough games and activities to keep them all busy.  And that also helps to keep the lines down. One of most surprising things to me was how much the kids loved face painting. I mentioned in the first Pumpkin Patch Party post to recruit a teenager to paint faces. Teens love being a part of the party and do a great job. My daughter, in the beginning, always called on her babysitters to help with the games. [Read more…]

Planning A Pumpkin Patch Party

Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown’s Halloween Party?  When I think of little children and  Halloween that’s the image I see!   In 2003,  I decided to have a party for my two young grandchildren (2 & 3) and their friends. Taking my inspiration from Charlie Brown,  I  planned our first Halloween party.  So began our annual Pumpkin Patch Party. [Read more…]