Why Would Anyone Name Their Daughter Leah?

singing wren

“Why would anyone name their daughter Leah?”  That’s a question my husband  asked me a week or so ago, after I wrote about Jacob being tricked by his father-in-law into marrying his ugly daughter, Leah. Ok, It didn’t exactly say she was ugly. It said she had weak eyes…but immediately it contrasts her to her younger sister, Rachel, who is described as being “lovely in form and beautiful.”

What this means is: by comparison to Leah: Rachael had a good figure, probably meaning she was not fat. She was beautiful, meaning she was not ugly, she was easy on the eyes, where as Leah was hard on the eyes. Poor Leah.  And I thought to myself, I really don’t know. Why would anyone name their daughter Leah? [Read more…]

Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 12

Old bible with picture of saints

For twelve weeks we have dusted off an old picture album and found old photos that  we hadn’t seen before. We’ve discovered God’s plan to send Jesus and pictures of Him from the very beginning of Genesis. If you have just found this series, please start at the beginning and dust off this old picture album and see for yourself.  It’s funny how we can look at something and not see the whole picture,  until later.  A wonderful friend of mine died suddenly, earlier this year.  Recently I was looking at old photos of other people and found that my friend was in the background of several of them. I never would have found her picture, except I was looking for someone else’s photo. [Read more…]