The Taming of the Shrub and Me

taming of the shrub1yr

Last year, as I was working on my Mosaic Birdbath, I paused to look across my yard and there he was! That nuisance I had been trying to get rid of for years! There he was, flaunting himself at me, again! Ok, I had had it. I decide to have a come to Jesus meeting with him. It dawned on me, as I looked across my yard, that he would make a great topiary. He wouldn’t leave. Fine. He could stay, but on my terms. I would have the final word in what we call at my house… the Taming of the Shrub! [Read more…]

Taming of the Shrub

topiary before

That should be Taming of the Weed. That’s what it was. A nuisance. It used to be a tree of sorts, but years ago we cut it down and for years this little shrub has done its best to sneak back into our lives. Well, not too long ago I was working on my Mosaic birdbath, taking a much needed break and as I looked across my yard ~~~ lo and behold~~~ he was [Read more…]