Buttery Sourdough Biscuits

buttery sourdough biscuit ad

I’m still on a quest to find delicious recipes to utilize the extra starter that must be discarded at each sourdough starter feeding. This morning I was making Hearty Ham and Bean Soup and decided to make biscuits to go along with it for lunch. So why not sourdough biscuits? Well, I had attempted a recipe I had found, using sourdough starter for biscuits a few weeks ago and wasn’t too keen about it. Ok, I threw them out. They were horrible. They were way too heavy. [Read more…]

Perfect Sour Cream Biscuits

buttered sourcream biscuits

There’s something so satisfying about anything with sour cream in it. Yesterday, I wanted biscuits with my Sunday dinner, but not my everyday buttermilk biscuits. Normally, I have yeast rolls. But yesterday, I wanted sour cream biscuits. Not the drop biscuits that you cook in the muffin tin..but real biscuits you roll and cut out. They turned out perfect. [Read more…]