Blueberry Mousse Cheesecake

blueberry mousse cheesecake ad

Hope your Mother’s Day was great! Mine has been wonderful. All my children and grandchildren were here plus my parents. What a blessing to have 4 generations here for Mother’s Day Dinner….on the back porch. Plus we had a big reveal. I’m not quite sure how many knew and how many didn’t but my baby is having another baby. That much we all knew. [Read more…]

Berry Blueberry Muffins

berry blueberry muffins

My favorite muffin ever is Blueberry.  I make these so often I know the recipe by heart ~ the fact it’s not complicated doesn’t hurt either!  As a rule, I have most of the ingredients on hand year round. I make it easy on myself and use self-rising flour. If I haven’t been fortunate enough to gather  blueberries during the growing season, I pick them up from the frozen food department at the grocery store. They are just as good, trust me. I make sure I have them in my freezer year round. Blueberries are a staple at my house! [Read more…]