Beauty from Ashes Birdbath

Beauty from ashes birdbath

Our friend’s home burned down. It was a spectacular home and we were all saddened by the news that this beautiful home had burned to the ground. I had painted a chinoiserie design on a buffet for her a couple of years before and as I left,  I mentioned I was working on a mosaic birdbath. She was intrigued and said she wanted to talk to me about making one for her garden. [Read more…]

How to Mosaic A Birdbath

Finally, I finished my Mosaic Poppy Birdbath. We placed it near my hummingbird feeder in the flowerbed. It is stunning.   I love it. I bought the cement base at Home depot and came home and painted it to match. Time I saw the leaves on the base I knew it was the “one!” After all, it is the stem of my flower… [Read more…]

Getting Ready to Mosaic a Birdbath

Poppy Birdbath mosaic pieces
Finally ~~ a day I feel like doing something productive. I decided it was time to tackle the mosaic birdbath I gathered plates for LAST Spring. I know, I procrastinate. But it is a huge undertaking and once I put my hand to the plow, there’s no looking back.

For years I wanted to try my hand at a mosaic, so I simply refused to throw away broken platters and figurines. I have roses, butterflies, birds, frogs, pebbles, shells, marbles..all sorts of baubles to use to add interest [Read more…]