Stella’s Birthday Party

Stella's birthday 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since this little lady made her debut into our lives. I spent most of a day (or two) running errands for her mom so she could have her party this evening.

stellas flowers

Love these milk bottles I found at an estate sale recently. They’re from a local dairy and since the party, my daughter has claimed them as her own…. I added some clear blue marbles and wrapped with ribbon and filled with flowers. Perfect little girlie touch. I painted the canvas on the table when she was 4. It hangs over her bed….but I have used it for several birthdays now. Adds a little personal touch.

stellas cake

Our baker did a great job on the cake, matching the napkins perfectly…if only I had not let it fall on it’s side on the way home….well, who looks at the back of a cake anyway? I made sure to take her outside to show her how pretty everything was before I told her about the accident. By then she was so thrilled with everything that when I showed her,  she was fine. I had assured her  no one would ever see it…I forgot about photos…..yikes.

SRB food

We grilled hotdogs and served chips and dips and watermelon. Birthday Cake, Of course!

SRB BD cake

When it was time for pictures of her blowing out the candles….I had to put everyone on the back side of the cake and you should have heard all the ewwwww’s! Immediately they began putting their little fingers in the icing (on the backside) for a quick taste….I guess they figured it wasn’t going to mess anything up at this point…I didn’t blame them…It was there for the tasting…..

SRB party time

They all went for a swim, then cake,  then more swimming….then opened gifts.

SRB gifts

Sweet little gifts for her friends….included monogrammed sugar cookies made by a sweet friend….;) How can you go wrong?

SRB party favors

I’d say it was a Happy BIrthday Party! Happy Birthday Sweet Stella…you brighten every. single. day.


  1. Agatha Crabb says:

    You are a wonderful Mother and Grandmother Renee. One day I am going to meet you personally. Love your outlook on life and family and you show the love of God in all you do!!



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