How to Please God Every Single Day

I’m sure you’ve seen it or something similar. And isn’t that what we all strive to do or at least know we should? The question in all of this is, how can we please God? How do we be a better person today?

Did you know when John baptized Jesus and God spoke from the Heavens “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” …all Jesus had ever done was to work in his father’s carpenter shop?

He had done no miracles. He had not healed the sick. He certainly had not raised the dead. He just did his job. Wow. He just did his job. That’s something all of us can do. Our job.

Jesus did his best, everyday, with whatever task was set before him. He didn’t try to just get by on the job. He gave it his best.

Apparently, that’s what pleases God Almighty. Our best, everyday. So if you’re wondering what can I possibly do to please God? Take a look around……and ask: what has God placed in my life for me to do today? And whatever it is, (for me this week it was cleaning out closets and cooking for my family.) Next week it will be something else. But the point is that whatever God gives us to do, everyday,  brings Glory to our Heavenly Father and pleases Him. 

“Do all to the glory of God” was lived out in the life of the person who chiseled this flower. What an awesome reflection of his testimony. Without saying a word,  he left us an inspiring message of his faith. Faith that his life counted for something. His work ethic shows he understood he was placed here for a purpose and had a duty to do his best…first to God, then to others and also to himself.


Someone, an unknown man~ lost to history, painstakingly chiseled beautiful flowers on a cathedral,  even though it would remain unseen by the naked eye for centuries. Forever,  for all he knew!

When asked why go to that much trouble carving something no one would ever see,  the craftsmen building the great cathedrals in Europe would say…

“God sees.”

I love this story. It always inspires me to do my best, even when no one is looking. Even if I get no credit for what I do. God knows when I do my best. And He knows when I am just getting by.

It’s called a work ethic. It’s something we instill in our children by our own example, everyday.

That should be our motto and work ethic every single day. Not that anyone else knows, but that God knows and like Jesus said. “Your Father,  who sees what is done in secret,  will reward you.” 

What else had Jesus done? He studied God’s word. He obeyed his parents. He was respectful of God’s requirements. All of which is doable and pleasing to God.

So, what will you be doing this week to please God? I’m going to start on another closet.


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