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Last week I re-posted a long ago post from 2013 Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 4,  because it was my nephew’s wedding day and my post was about a wedding….I decided to go ahead and take the next few weeks to re-post the whole series…since, after all,  it is my favorite…I hope you are as amazed at God’s detailed plan for our salvation as I always am……bless you.

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  1. God knew what Adam and Eve would do before they did it. That is why he prepared a way for us to be saved. I don’t think he would have sent them to earth for failure, he always provides a way back.

    • You’re right,, Julie. Last week I had this for page 4 of this series… “The second thing that strikes me is: God knew man would eat of the tree because he said…”when you do”…not “if” you do… Which furthermore verifies that God’s plan of redemption was set in place before creation. And we know from the first ‘photo’ in the album that Jesus was there in the beginning, at Creation.”…I am amazed. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Selfishness and self-absorbed behaviors go all the way back to Genesis. Sadly, they are often the cause of breakdowns within the family as one person’s behavior causes ripple effects on all the others around them.

  3. I definitely agree with you, Julie! Thanks for sharing this one!

  4. I definitely agree with you, Julie! Thanks for sharing this one!



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