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Make a Jenny Jellyfish Costume

March 6, 2015

Jenny Jellyfish Costume ad

It’s Book Character Day tomorrow at my granddaughter’s elementary school. Last week her mom handed her a stack of books and said pick out your favorite character. She did. Jenny Jellyfish.

jenny jelly fish book

A  quick search turned up some pretty cute jellyfish costumes. So we set out to make one. Her mom bought the fabric, mesh ribbon, sparkly duct tape last weekend and ordered an umbrella and silver leggings. She found a perfect turquoise top with sparkles all over and some blue battery operated lights. And dropped them all off at my house. One thing we didn’t find were jelly shoes!  You may want to add that to your list…

You’ll want  a clear child’s umbrella. She found this one on Amazon.

These are not ingredients…but I’m using my ‘recipe plugin’ so you can print what and how to….;)

Make a Jenny Jellyfish Costume


  • 1 clear child's umbrella
  • 1 package foil door curtain
  • 2.5 yards sheer blue/aqua fabric
  • duct tape
  • pretty duct tape
  • Aqua Mesh
  • hot glue gun
  • hair clips


  1. I began by placing the umbrella in a floor lamp. It was a good height and allowed me to move around and work on it, comfortably.
  2. Tape the foil door curtain all the way around the bottom of the umbrella with duct tape
  3. Cut the sheer fabric from one edge ALMOST to the other edge without cutting all the way through.
  4. Open the fabric out and tape the uncut edge to the bottom of the umbrella on top of the curtain.
  5. You should have enough to circle the umbrella twice.
  6. Tape pretty tape around to cover the ugly tape
  7. Scrunch the mesh at about 10 inch intervals and tie off with some ribbon.
  8. Hot glue this mesh all the way around to cover any other ugly tape, being careful to get hot glue only on duct tape...and NOT on plastic umbrella...
  9. Make eyes and using a glue stick attach to the umbrella.
  10. Now, go watch a parade....:)

I began by putting the umbrella through the shade of a floor lamp. This held the umbrella at a good height and allowed me to work standing up.

First she found an 8 foot streaming door curtain. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture before I took it out…

jenny jelly fish streamers

I think she found it at the dollar store. It was 8 feet and I wanted it 42 inches long.  But decided to just cut it in half at 48″.  I was able to cut it in half and make two lengths out of one  curtain and have enough to go all the way around the umbrella.

It was tedious but I laid it out smoothly on my counter. Measured 48 inches from the top and while it was laying smoothly on my counter, I cut a 36 inch piece of duct tape and gently laid it across the streamers at 48″. Then I cut right above the tape. So, now, I had two pieces to work with. Waste not, want not.

Jenny Jelly FIsh Costume

I used duct tape to attach the streamer curtain to the bottom edge of the umbrella.

jenny jelly fish costume closeup

Next I cut the fabric into strips. I cut from one edge almost to the other edge, but I didn’t cut all the way through. I wanted to leave an edge attached to tape the whole fabric to the umbrella, rather than each individual strip! I had two yards of fabric, but I could have used 2.5. It was enough to go around almost twice with the aqua sheer fabric. I didn’t worry that a short section only had one layer of sheer fabric.

Jellyfish costume fabric

I once again used duct tape to attach.

Jellyfish fabric taped

I had duct tape holding everything on to the umbrella. Not too pretty….

Jenny Jellyfish costume fabric

So I went over the ugly tape with some pretty tape 🙂

Jelly fish duct tape

Much better. And to further cover the ugly duct tape, I scrunched up some aqua mesh and hot glued it around the umbrella covering any other unsightly tape….

Jellyfish mesh scrunched

Mind  you, you cannot hot glue on a plastic umbrella…but you can on ugly duct tape 🙂

I held it in place with hair clips while it dried. Once dried it was very sturdy!  I was happy about that.

jelly fish lights

A string of battery operated lights are on the inside for added charm…

and some big blue eyes, completed the look. I used typing paper and construction paper to make the eyes and painted the black pupils.

Jenny Jellyfish Costume done

Tonight we have one happy little Jenny Jellyfish book character who can hardly wait for morning!

Jelly Fish Stella

So now, are you ready to make a jellyfish? You can do it…

I can’t wait for the parade either! Looks different in the dark…..

jenny jellyfish costume

Parade Time….

stella jellyfish in hallway

Jenny Jellyfish in parade


Stella jellyfish

Jenny Jellyfish2 in parade

stellas costume


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  • Brenda

    That is so cute! It is amazing to me that you were able to figure out how to make that. We don’t have book day at our school, but it sure looks like a fun thing to do. I’m visiting from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    March 11, 2015 at 11:06 pm Reply
    • admin

      Thanks, Brenda….it was a little challenge….but fun once I got started…too bad about no book character day…it was fun. The kids enjoyed it and the ones who didn’t participate in dressing up got to watch the parade…so everyone was happy…Thanks for stopping by!

      March 12, 2015 at 8:09 am Reply
  • Jacquie

    Found you by accident looking or something else entirely.
    I’m an adult, but always kept “jellyfish” as a potential costume to put together for myself without too much time or warning if needed. I’ve seen a few, but this one by far is the best i’ve seen. (Obviously because of the love that went into it from the creator to the wearer!) 🙂

    June 17, 2015 at 6:51 pm Reply
    • admin

      Awwww, thank you Jacquie…. It was really fun to get my creative juices flowing and figure out. Let me know when you decide to make one…I’d love to see an adult version… 🙂

      June 21, 2015 at 7:16 pm Reply

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