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How Does Your Garden Grow

July 9, 2013

close up Romas

Last Fall my husband and I were looking at an old farm house in the middle of the woods and there beside the steps was a volunteer Roma tomato plant with the most beautiful vine ripened Roma tomatoes. They smelled heavenly. I don’t know how they got there  ~ maybe the farmer’s wife had her little kitchen garden nearby. I can just see her outside in her apron in the cool early mornings tending to her garden, being industrious, planning for the winter months.  She must have been a Proverbs 31 wife!

There was no way I was leaving those fragrant, delicious looking tomatoes. I gathered them all and took them with me! I don’t know about you but the tomatoes I find in the store, even in summer months, are a little better than cardboard. They are mealy and have no flavor.

I did a search on the internet to find out how to save the seed from one year to the next. I was so glad to learn it was a fairly simple process.

.Tomato seed bowl

1. First you cut the tomato in half and squeeze the seed out into a small glass bowl/jar. Add two inches of water on top and let the bowl sit uncovered for 3-4 days until mold begins to grow on top.

tomato seed in window

2. At this point, with a spoon, gently remove the mold and any floating seed from the water and discard.

3. Take seed from the bottom of the bowl and wash in a sieve.

4. Drain on a paper towel and allow to dry for 3-4 days.

5. Save seed in an envelope. Label and store in cool dark place until next Spring.

6. Plant inside and transplant into pots or ground when temperatures allow.

I have been  so excited  this Spring, as I watched my precious seed grow into plants. They all have large green tomatoes on them and are beginning to ripen. Today, I harvested my very first, very own Roma Tomato!

I can’t wait till supper!

sunlit Romas

I have been sooooo inspired that this past weekend I went to the local farmer’s market and bought heirloom tomatoes. After eating one I decided to save these seed for next year. I think I have stumbled onto a new hobby! A delicious one, at that!


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