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God Sees the Details so Just Bloom

May 2, 2013

Blooming pansy

Yesterday I found a little pansy coming up through the brick pathway, blooming its little heart out. I didn’t plant him there. But it didn’t matter…he was put on the planet to bloom and he was blooming!  There is an old quote from the 70’s that I thought of when I saw him, “Bloom where  you’re planted.” It’s a fine quote.

Then this morning, at the National Day of Prayer Rally, one of the men praying mentioned that whatever “calling” we have on our life is a Holy calling from God. It’s our responsibility  to do our very best at whatever work we have before us to do. So it matters not what our job is, we are to give our best work, as unto the Lord.

It’s easy to think that only those people whose jobs are ministry related, have holy callings on their lives. But that’s really not true. Wouldn’t it be sad to live our whole life and think what we did didn’t mean anything.

What you do means everything in God’s eyes. Your life is very significant to your Creator!

The truth is that every job a person does is to be done to the glory of God, whether it is cooking a meal, tending the sick, being a mother, a policeman, a school teacher, an attorney, shining shoes on the street corner, baking a wedding cake or making a pancake…everything is to be done to the best of our ability.  It matters greatly! When we do our best and give our best we are bringing Glory to God, regardless if anyone else notices.

I remember reading a story about the craftsmen who spent hours and hours carving beautiful motifs on the great cathedrals in Europe. Some of the most intricate designs were placed  in the most obscure places. So obscure, that no man would ever see them, without great difficulty.

When asked why they went to such great trouble for something no man would ever see, they responded that “God sees!” Wow! And that is how we are to live our  lives ~ knowing that when no one else notices the extra care we have taken to make the meal just right or to get the house clean and the towels washed and dried, folded and put away…God sees. And it matters to HIm. Whatever you do matters to HIM.  Not only is God in the details…but God sees the details.

The next time you find yourself doing what we call a ‘thankless jobs’ ..remember…those thankless jobs that must be done are the ones that we will be rewarded for, I believe. That’s a little treasure you are storing up for yourself, in Heaven.

So, like the little pansy, blooming where he wasn’t even planted, but blooming because it’s his job to bloom…keep him in mind the next time you wonder if what you are doing is important…it is …so just bloom and let it be yours and God’s little secret!

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