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God Keeps His Promises

August 23, 2013

Camellia border

This has been an extremely busy week. Blogging hasn’t exactly been on my mind…my daughter just moved into a new home and it is right behind me! Our backyards meet!

I truly stand amazed at how things turn out when you turn them over to God. When times are the darkest and all you have to hold on to is His word…and you do it thru your doubts and fears. (He understands you are human…) All you can do is cling to what He says He will do…even tho it looks like nothing is happening…trust me… Better still ~ TRUST HIM! He is working things out for you!

On Monday I went to the school to pick up my oldest grandchildren. They had not seen the house yet. In fact, we didn’t tell them about the house until the house was closed on, so they wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t go thru. Monday they didn’t even want to go to school. SO I surprised them and picked them up early, just a little.

They were thrilled!

I had a friend come clean and mop the whole empty house. Everyone came by to take a look…100% approval from family and friends.  We are so thankful to the Lord for working this out for my daughter and her children. She has suffered thru a very painful divorce. We won’t even go there…but after much prayer and trusting the Lord to direct her path, He led her to this house….the very house she would have chosen if she could have any house in the whole town…this is the one!  The timing was just so perfect, it had to be God. So, so perfect.

On Tuesday the movers came.  Since she teaches school, I have been working with the movers…directing traffic and telling them where things go. Deciding what to pack and what room it needed to go into. It took two full days to move. Wednesday night we bid the movers farewell.

I had moved all her decorative items in the car with me…lamps and mirrors, clocks and floral arrangements, etc. So by the time she arrived home the first day of moving, the place looked somewhat like a home, already. The children were delighted to unpack their own boxes and decorate their new bedrooms. Everyone was happy. Happier than I have seen them in a long, long time.

Yesterday was spent talking to carpenters, plumbers, and roofers. And there is the ordeal with the cable line the movers knocked down in the move…that had to be handled. I shopped for containers to organize things and unpacked a few boxes. I arranged her spices in her cabinet. It’s been a long hard week. And the work has just begun…still, you’ll hear no complaining here.

This week we watched as the Lord fulfilled a promise to our family. He said in His word, that if we delight ourselves in Him,  He would give us the desires of our hearts. He did just that this week. My daughter and her children are in a wonderful home, right next door to me.  And they actually have smiles on their faces, for a change. I do thank the Lord for His great mercy and that His love for us never fails.

My daughter endured some very dark nights. There was nothing she could do but wait. It was painful and long and hard. It was hard to be the Mama and not be able to fix it. I couldn’t make it go away. I couldn’t make her feel better. It just went on and on and on. But now that she has moved into her house,  we can see the Hand of God in the whole thing. His timing is perfect.

This week begins a new chapter in our lives and we are so thankful.

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