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Faux Italian Scrollwork

July 1, 2013

Italian scroll close

I had planned to find a scroll to go over these paintings in my guest bedroom last year. When I couldn’t find one to suit my taste, I opted to paint one. I put it off until this weekend when I decided I could wait no longer…and I LOVE it!

Italian scroll traced

I was quite simple, really. A friend of mine had an iron scroll in his shop that I loved. I had admired it far too long when I finally decided I would never find one I truly loved, so I asked to borrow his over the weekend. My husband and I used small nails, just enough to hold it in place, while I traced the whole thing.

Italian scroll traced and paint

I painted the whole thing black. Black, by itself, is rather lifeless color.  I don’t suggest you paint a solid black, but rather, mix a little dark-dark green or dark blue with the paint. It will still look dark black.  I used regular acrylic craft paint and a couple of flat artist brushes.

Italian scroll closeup

Then I went back and using the windows as my light source, painted a pale grey green accent on the sides that would naturally get the light. Then I went back and painted black where I felt needed it. I tried to “stay in the lines”,  but didn’t fret when I didn’t. It’s art, after all.

I love love love how it turned out!

Italian scroll finish

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