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Face Painting for Pumpkin Patch Party

September 23, 2013

the girls help

Face painting has become a big part of our Pumpkin Patch Party.   With so many children attending the party it’s important to have enough games and activities to keep them all busy.  And that also helps to keep the lines down. One of most surprising things to me was how much the kids loved face painting. I mentioned in the first Pumpkin Patch Party post to recruit a teenager to paint faces. Teens love being a part of the party and do a great job. My daughter, in the beginning, always called on her babysitters to help with the games.

happy kitty

A few years ago, I came across a lady who does some amazing things with face paint.  I called and scheduled her for my next party. Needless to say, she was a huge hit! See if you’re not amazed, too! (BTW, this one is mine..)


Most of the children are not comfortable wearing a mask and so face painting fills the bill. Check out some of the most adorable faces and the paint on them…:)


Bless her heart, my face painter never took a break!  And never got one either..the kids just kept on coming….

Little Kitty

This little kitten is mine….she’s one of my granddaughters…so is the next one.

Hannahs face

Hannah, above,  is mine, I love her masked face. She’s so pretty …

The faces below belong to a friend. Aren’t the puppy and kitten cute as can be?

Cute cat and dog

Have  you ever seen cuter faces????? Me, neither!

admiring their painted faces

These girls are admiring their faces, from last year’s party!   They belong to me, too!


The line was steady all night….well, for two hours… 🙂 I would definitely plan a face painting booth at your party. It’s an inexpensive activity you can do yourself…or you could splurge and hire a real painter….either way the kids LOVE it!

three little kittens

Rhree little kittens…and one convict…He’s mine…too

The convict

And one little one who isn’t so sure he wants his hands dirty…..( he’s mine)    Yes…I’m pretty blessed!!!!!~joes painting

Nope, he did not appreciate getting his little clean hands, dirty!!! He was definately in the minority! The rest of the party had a great time getting their faces painted…

Joe painting hand 3

When planning your Pumpkin Patch Party, be sure to include face painting…If you can’t locate a professional face painter…recruit a teenager and get some regular craft paint from Walmart with little brushes. Have a jar of water and paper towels for clean up. Paint little pumpkins, little ghosts, owls, or candy corn, etc. Check out Halloween stickers for ideas to paint. And just have fun….the kids will love you for it!!!


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