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Easy-Peasy Patriotic Wreath

May 26, 2014

Yarn Wreath Easy Peasy

Happy Memorial Day!!!   I realize this little project may be too late for your Memorial Day this year, but you’ve got plenty of time to whip one up for  Flag Day (June 14th) and Independence Day, July 4th!  And then you’ll have it for Veteran’s Day, too!  And come next Memorial Day, you’ll be all set!   I’m in love with this wreath. It’s so easy to make. Well, it was easy, after I figured out how to make it go together faster. At first it was a little tedious, but that was partly my fault. Well, ok, it was all my fault. I bought ‘pretty and sparkly’ yarn that was about as thin as kite string!!! BUT, after a few adjustments, this was truly an easy-peasy patriotic wreath.

Anything patriotic is always in order at my house.  And once I decorate,  it tends to stay awhile….We have had bunting, flags draped out windows and then there were the years we had THE FLAG draped. Isn’t she a beauty?

4th of july FLAG

I won this at an auction.  No one else bid on it…. I guess no one knew what to do with it! I wasn’t sure either,  but it worked out just right. Quite a statement for $20.00!  I think they said it came from a car dealership near the interstate. Love this….but this year I decided on simpler approach for Memorial Day,  so, I just went with this very easy wreath.

My inspiration came from  My Frugal Adventures on Pinterest.

I loved this time I saw it. Very understated and perfectly patriotic look for my Federal Style home.

If you begin with a heavier yarn, this will whip up in less than an hour. If you have the patience,  you can do it with thinner yarn, like I used, in a couple of hours. My yarn came from WalMart and the star stickers were there too, in the craft section. Yarn and stars

The thinner yarn appealed to me because it was shiny and had sparkles in it…but in all honesty, the shine and sparkle are totally lost, unless you are standing at the door.  So, to save time, I say bigger is better.  I used an 18 inch styrofoam wreath form. To begin with,  the thin yarn was somewhat messy.  The strands weren’t easy to keep straight. See how messy they look? I wasn’t happy with this. But I had to make this wreath!!!!!

yarn crooked

That’s when I decided to use 4 strands of yarn at a time. See how much straighter and neater these rows are? No, I did not go back and do the first ones over. Are you kidding? Throw away all that work? No way. I wasn’t that unhappy!yarn straight

See how much straighter it went together? I cut 4 lengths to about 6 feet each.  This was easier than trying to wind the whole ball of yarn through with each pass. This way,  the strands were much neater and straighter.   Plus it went together ten times faster!  By the time I got to the blue yarn,  which was thick, it was really fast. I only used 3 strands at a time for it.  I simply tucked the end of the thread into the other threads when I came to the end. You could use glue, but it’s not necessary.

yarn working

Now, if you want to be “politically correct,” flag-wise,  you will need to have 13 sections of red and white. 7 Red and 6 White. Begin with red and end with red. Just like a flag. I didn’t.  But it’s something to think about. My sections were about 3.5 inches wide. So, if you do decide to be PC about it, make them a little over 2 inches each. I may do that next time. Leave about 1/5 of the wreath for the blue.

When you’re finished with all the stripes,  glue the stars randomly on top of the blue. I first used silver and gold…because I wanted flash…but it really didn’t do anything for it. Be careful not to get carried away and cover too much of your blue. You want it to show from the street….I tend to get carried away, at times.

yarn gold silver stars

So I removed the gold and silver and went with just white.

Yarn wreath closeup

I love that this wreath can be use for so many holidays throughout the year! Thank you, Charlene, for the inspiration.

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