Amazing Home-Made Cough Syrup

amazing homemade cough syrup2

Last night I made my secret cough syrup for my husband, whose cough had gotten way out of control. It seems to be worse at night and lately we both have lost sleep for one reason or another and his cough wasn’t helping matters.

For 20 years we have made hot toddies when we have a cough or sore throat and they do help. Simply heat some bourbon and honey. Squeeze a lemon into the hot brew and sip away.

Last night I added my little twist. Ginger. Fresh ginger. Why? Because honey and ginger work together to keep you healthy…and that little bit of bourbon is essential, too…

amazing cough syrup

You may know that ginger has great medicinal properties. For thousands of years the Chinese have known the value of ginger in maintaining good health. A cup of ginger tea everyday is good to keep your body healthy. It provides relief for everything from stomach issues such as nausea to relieving arthritis pain. And so much more.

But what you may not know, and I discovered quite by accident,  it helps with coughs. I made this little concoction and he slept like a baby. Not even a whimper.  I tell him it’s my Love Potent Number 9. (Now, don’t you feel better?)  He said I’d better patent it because it works!


I suggest you take this before bed and not drive after taking a dose, due to the alcohol content. Also check with your doctor about combining this with over-the-counter or prescription drugs.  I’m not a doctor, just a grandma….with a recipe.

Also, this is not for children due to the alcohol content and remember that infants are not to have honey before one year of age…

This is for you…home alone ~ nursing a cold ~ with a cough ~and you or~  your spouse ~ wants to sleep tonight…

My husband poured about 1/4 cup into a glass and drank it before he went to bed. We both got a good nights sleep. 😉

This recipe may be doubled or tripled.

Keep in the refrigerator and use within a month….or so. 😉

amazing cough syrup2

Home-Made Cough Syrup


  • 1/2 cup bourbon or whiskey
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 lemon thinly sliced
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 1 short finger (about 1 inch) of fresh ginger, sliced very thinly or grated


  1. Heat bourbon and honey over medium heat until honey melts and is blended. Do not boil.
  2. Place sliced lemons in a pint jar (with lid).
  3. I used an empty glass honey jar.
  4. Add ginger to top of lemons.
  5. After honey has melted, remove from heat and add lemon juice.
  6. Pour bourbon mixture over lemons and ginger in jar.
  7. Allow to cool.
  8. Before bed take 2 tablespoons - 1/4 cup of syrup.
  9. Due to the alcohol content you may not want to drive after taking.
  10. And consult your doctor before mixing with prescription or over counter drugs
  11. This is for adults. 🙂
  12. Children should not be given alcohol
  13. Babies under one year old should not be given honey
  14. It will keep indefinitely in the refrigerator...well, ok...a month or so.
  15. Recipe may easily be doubled or tripled.

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Buttermilk’s Use By Date


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I just read an article saying the French Government is tired of the confusion over  “Sell By” and “Use By dates” on dairy products and wants to do something about it. The French have a plan to stop wasting food!    I so totally agree… we waste tons of food each yearjust by allowing the dates on these products to determine whether they are edible or not.

Our grandmothers had no Use By Dates to go by to tell if products were still good or not…they used their common sense…sight, smell and taste…I regularly use buttermilk, sour cream, cottage cheese past their use by dates with no ill effects. I’m always sure to keep items  the  proper temperature at all times. I do a taste test. You will be surprised to find most times they taste just fine, even a week or more later….and some things, like cottage cheese, if it has not been previously opened, will last weeks after the date.

One Caveat~ When it comes to drinking whole milk, I usually DO go by the Use By Date.  I always buy pasteurized milk… Obviously, if it has begun to separate don’t use it or drink it.

Buttermilk, especially, lasts for months past the use by date….I taste it if it is past the use by date and decide if it is drinkable. I have found even a week or so past the Use by Date, it is still fresh enough to drink.  If not, I still keep it to bake with.  It will separate…simply shake it up and use it.  I have kept buttermilk for 3 months past the date! Old  buttermilk makes the BEST biscuits and pancakes. They are much more flavorful  than when using fresher watery buttermilk.

I remember learning this from my grandmother who deliberately set a pan of old milk out in the sun for a few days to make it sour so she could use it in her chocolate devils’ food cake! My grandparents lived on a farm outside of Kansas City, MO. Grandma milked her cows every morning and evening of her life. I loved the farm and every year our family vacation was to travel from South Georgia to Missouri. We were always there over the 4th of July, the date of our annual Family Reunion.

Grandma had already begun, days in advanced, to prepare for the huge gathering. That’s when I saw her take a large pan of milk and set it outside in the sun. She did this day after day, same pan of milk, covered with a dish cloth.  I asked her what it was for and she explained it was to use in her Devil’s Food Cake.  I was appalled, as a 12 year old, that anyone would cook with something they deliberately spoiled!

That’s when my cooking lesson began. I learned from her that sour milk brings out the richness and flavor of the chocolate and gives the cake a wonderful texture and beautiful red color. And everyone for miles around knew my grandmother made the best Devil’s Food Cake ~~ ever. A lesson I never forgot. Now, I don’t set pans of milk out in the sun, but I do keep buttermilk beyond it’s “use by date.”

The dairy industry has a vested interest in you throwing their products away … SO THEY CAN SELL MORE…..Use your common sense, sight, smell and taste! You make the decision when to throw something away. You decide the Use By Date for yourself! And in doing so, you might even save a little money…. and who doesn’t want to do that?

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