Stay Healthy with Ginger Tea

ginger tea

A couple of weeks ago we were fighting the flu bug in our family.   My son’s family one week, my other son’s family over the weekend and my daughter’s family the next week. It’s been rough…so I decided to make some Ginger Tea to help ward it off from my house…so far,  so good….. [Read more…]

BlackBerry Tea


Blackberry Tea.  My husband calls it my ‘signature drink.’ I do serve it often.  I serve it on special family occasions and on holidays.  I serve it when I have dinner guests. And in the Summer, I keep a gallon made in the refrigerator,  just for us, and for when friends drop by. I served it Easter dinner and my guests (and family) loved it.  My friends were surprised to find out I make it with real blackberries!  Now, I ask you, what else would one use to make blackberry tea? And in the winter, I use frozen blackberries from grocery store freezer section. [Read more…]

Sweet Southern Iced Tea

sweet southern icced tea

Sweet Southern Iced Tea is the standard beverage you will find on every single dinner table in the South. Spring, Summer, Fall and yes, Winter, it matters not. We serve tea. Iced tea. Sweet Iced tea.  No one can respectably call herself a southern cook,  if she can’t make Sweet Southern Iced Tea. This tradition has been passed down in every southern kitchen I know. [Read more…]