How to Make a Resurrection Garden

Resurrection Garden

Last year I made my first Resurrection Garden and I loved it! I had so many compliments on it. The only problem was that it takes time for grass seed to germinate and it was cold last year and the seed did not cooperate.  So, I’m telling you in plenty of time…..Make this today! [Read more…]

Make a Jenny Jellyfish Costume

Jenny Jellyfish Costume ad

It’s Book Character Day tomorrow at my granddaughter’s elementary school. Last week her mom handed her a stack of books and said pick out your favorite character. She did. Jenny Jellyfish. [Read more…]

Mother’s Kitchen Makeover


I know it seems like I have abandoned my little blog this week…. I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind, lately. Two weeks ago my 80 year old mother, who just had her cast removed from her broken wrist, told me she really wanted to refinish her table and chairs in her breakfast nook. My mother is like me…or rather I am like her…when I want something done it gets done, like, now.  I told her to wait for me, that I would come see her and we could decide what to do in her kitchen. It hasn’t been updated in almost 30 years. Boy, does time fly or what?

Her kitchen still has her 1980’s tiny floral print wallpaper with country decor. I’m in no mood to scrap wallpaper off of walls….so I decided to do a tissue paper faux technique to cover the paper and paint. Saturday, two weeks ago, I drove to my hometown and Mama and I went shopping for fabric to make curtains and from there we bought paint for the room. I thought I could get it all done in a day, but as it turned out, I only was able to finish the tissue paper and paint. So, I brought the table and chairs home with me to refinish.

I finished painting and staining everything last Friday but had not recovered the cushioned seats. (That’s when I was surprised by a surprise birthday party!) And it’s a good thing. Because the next day I found the coordinating  fabric that goes with the curtain fabric we bought. I had to buy it. It was too perfect not to. And besides, she wanted blue and this was a very pretty blue.

So the first of this week,  I moved to Plan B. I repainted everything, chairs and table legs to go with new fabric.

mamas kitchen before

This is before…you can’t see the tiny little flowers….they are there…trust me.

She has had this table, since I was in elementary school.

mama's table before

And this is after… The tissue paper doesn’t show up in this photo, but it will when I glaze it this weekend…

mamas kithen painted after

Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do?  What I really can’t believe is that my daddy approves. That makes me happy!

I ended up taking the table home with me to refinish. I sanded the finish off of the top and stained it. We love how it turned out.

mamas table and chairs redo

I had  painted the chairs and legs a medium blue but was able to find the coordinating fabric so I repainted them cream and glazed them lightly.  This fabric is so pretty with the cream chairs.

fabric for chairs

This printed floral fabric is for the curtains. We haven’t finished them yet.

mamas fabric

This is the finished…well..almost…Breakfast nook. We still have work to do on the curtains. I love it!

mamas kitchen

I found a soup tureen with blue and brown floral design on it at the antique mall that works perfectly on the table.

Mamas centerpeice

Don’t you love the rich walnut stain?

walnut stained table top

mamas table top

I painted this blue rooster on canvas and matched colors from fabrics. The stenciled design on the left is done using modeling paste to add texture and dimension to the painting.  He’s so fine.

mamas rooster painting

HIS Mercies are new every morning….Lamentations 3:23

mamas sconce

I found the sconce at an estate sale and picked it up for $5.00 and painted it to match, too.

mamas kitchen side2

When your parents get older there’s not much they really need, materially. But what they can use is a little sprucing up around the house. I remember when I was a child that my daddy and uncles would buy wallpaper every year and wallpaper my grandmother’s living room. It was always an old fashioned victorian style print…lot’s of roses and florals and ribbony stripes.That room must have had dozens of layers of wallpaper!!!! It impressed me that they would do something so sweet for my grandmother, that she couldn’t do for herself. A true labor of love. And after all she had done for them, she deserved it.  And what a role model they were to us grandchildren. Honoring their father and mother.

l loved doing this for my mother.  It was a pleasure. And the fact my daddy approves is icing on the cake.

The Perfect Find

The Perfect Find

Last Summer, while on vacation,  my husband and I found this perfect little table. I’d been looking for a small table for our porch.  We have a large table that we use regularly, but I had it in my mind that a small one would be quaint and perfect for intimate little candlelight dinners. And so I’d been looking for one for the corner of the porch, for just the two of us. This little table was just what I had in mind.  My husband said fine and it was mine. I’d worry about chairs later. [Read more…]

Re-Purposed Wash Stand

Re-purposed washstand

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to do something with an old dry sink I had been holding on to for over a year. The drawers had gotten damp and were swelled to the point they wouldn’t budge, so re-purposing was the only way to go. It was a great piece of furniture. It had great bones, it was solid wood and had very nice curves. Plus, it was oak.  It just needed some TLC and a little imagination. And  a little sweat. [Read more…]

Easy-Peasy Patriotic Wreath

Yarn Wreath Easy Peasy

Happy Memorial Day!!!   I realize this little project may be too late for your Memorial Day this year, but you’ve got plenty of time to whip one up for  Flag Day (June 14th) and Independence Day, July 4th!  And then you’ll have it for Veteran’s Day, too!  And come next Memorial Day, you’ll be all set!   I’m in love with this wreath. It’s so easy to make. [Read more…]

Repurposed Birdbath Planter

summer birdbath2 repurposed birdbath planter

Many years ago,  on one of our afternoon walks, my husband and I came upon a discarded birdbath. It was lovely,  except for the slight crack down the middle. That, of course, rendered it useless…at least for bathing. [Read more…]

6 Simple Hand Painted Easter Egg Designs

After yesterday’s post  Hand Painted Easter Eggs I decided it still may seem daunting to paint your own eggs. So to show you,  in detail, how simple it really is,  I painted these samples this morning. [Read more…]

Hand Painted Easter Eggs

easter egg sign

Hand painted Easter Eggs have always been on my to-do list.  I paint everything else…why not the children’s eggs? Well, for one thing, it’s a lot of work just to have them cracked open and thrown away. I did it a couple of times,  when my children were growing up.  It’s  rather discouraging to see your hard work in the trash, at the end of the day….

Still,  Hand Painted Easter Eggs were something I’ve always wanted to do.  I knew blowing eggs was out of the question, for me.  Then one day I had an epiphany.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner? [Read more…]

DIY Boot Socks and Scarf

Sweet sweater turquoise

Sweet Sweater Boot Socks….I have lost my mind over these adorable little DIY Boot Socks! They are so CUTE I want to make them for all of my granddaughters….and daughters….and any one else…well, maybe not…but they are so simple you can make them for yourself with little or no sewing experience….in fact,  today I helped my oldest granddaughter make a pair for her little sister. One of her first sewing projects and she did fantastic!

All you need is an old sweater, preferably one in good shape. I found several at GoodWill and Salvation Army. They looked almost new.T [Read more…]