Easy Curtain Makeover

My daughter moved into a house that backs up to mine…I’m  so happy to have her near by, not to mention that my grandchildren are next door…how blessed can a Grandmother be?…but I think I’ve said all of this before...I’m so happy!!!

After they moved in, we were hanging curtains in my granddaughter’s room and realized the curtains that worked in the other house [Read more…]

It’s Fall Y’all!

Happy Fall wreath

It’s Fall, Y’all!  My favorite time of year. I used to think it was because I was born in the Fall but I have come to realize loads of other people love it, too!  I love the cool mornings on my back porch,  sipping my morning coffee and reading my daily devotional. I love watching the leaves fall in the back yard.  I love that the birds seem to be happier this time of year. My hummingbirds are frantically [Read more…]

Hannah’s Room Makeover

hannahs pillow

Yesterday’s post was about the Makeover my daughter and I did for my granddaughter’s bedroom, featuring monogrammed pillows I made from old monogrammed t-shirts. But we needed to pull the whole room together…that’s when we made our trip to TJ Maxx to find finishing touches. We picked up Hot Pink, Lime Green and silver picture frames.  I put photos of HM and her friends in them… and then [Read more…]

Monogrammed T-Shirt Pillow

Throw Pillows

Here’s a great idea on making decorative pillows from your child’s outgrown monogrammed T-shirts.

Not very long ago my daughter recruited me to help with a surprise for her daughter. She wanted to give her room a makeover and let it be a surprise! What fun this would be…she knew she could count me in! We had just gotten a new TJMaxx  so ….why not? [Read more…]

School Daze Curtains

My daughter is a Pre-K teacher. All I can say is, she has more patience than I have ever had….I love my children and my grandchildren, totally.  But day in and day out with someone elses children…..whoa ~ stop the school bus and let me off.

Last year she asked me to help her get her classroom organized. Who knew all the STUFF Pre-K teachers need just-to-have-class.

The previous teacher had not been…hummm…..how can I say this…she [Read more…]

Before and After Floral Demilune Table

Flower table before

I have to admit “Before and After” are my favorite! I Love to watch makeovers on TV and read about them in magazines!

Doesn’t it just make you feel good to see something or someone transformed, especially someone who really deserves it?    I love TV’s “What Not to Wear” the show that teaches someone how to dress properly and gives them a new wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup all in one hour’s time. The transformation is amazing!

I love makeovers whether its clothing or makeup or rooms or restaurants….I love to see the potential come to life.

I guess that’s one reason I love to make over furniture. And I love this little Demilune table. [Read more…]

Faux Italian Scrollwork

Italian scroll close

I had planned to find a scroll to go over these paintings in my guest bedroom last year. When I couldn’t find one to suit my taste, I opted to paint one. I put it off until this weekend when I decided I could wait no longer…and I LOVE it! [Read more…]

Before and After Table

french center before French center table


WOW! What a difference a coat of paint makes! Let me tell you about this table. It is solid mahogany and it’s heavy. The lines are delicate tho and that is what  attracted me to it. Before and After projects are my most favorite because I get to compare the results of my labors.

I have been exhausted this whole week, trying to recover from last week’s marathon painting projects. This is one of the three I finished… I went a little rhinestone crazy [Read more…]