Designer Photo Gallery on a Budget


I love taking pictures…and, as it turns out, I happen to have some of the cutest grandchildren,  ever. ….. ūüėČ and I also have more cute photos than I know what to do with.

It’s been three years since my daughter moved into her new home.  She has a loooong, beautiful, empty wall in her hallway. There’s at least 15 feet of wall space…the perfect place for a photo gallery!

Buying frames can be hard on a budget…especially if you want to frame a lot at one time.  However, there is a little known secret I’m going to share with you about how I did her whole 15 foot photo gallery and how you can have a designer photo gallery on a budgetňá

Decide on Wall Space

First thing you’ll need is wall space.  Even tho my daughter has a huge wall for a gallery, a small gallery can be just as impressive.   So, don’t worry if your space is limited.  Find the perfect place in your home and go for it!

Collect an Assortment of Frames

The next thing you’ll need are frames. Many multi-sized frames.


We’re doing this on a budget. Right?  Here’s how to saved tons of money on frames. Once I decided to make a gallery,  I began slowly collecting interesting frames to use. My secret: I bought all of the frames I used at Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift stores. I bought some really nice frames. I bought some old wooden frames.  I bought some down right ugly frames (that had good lines). I bought some beautiful frames. I bought some plastic frames that I’d never hang in my home, least not the way they were.  I bought them because they had good lines or a design that I loved. I’d worry about them being plastic later.  You can find some beautiful frames at very inexpensive prices at thrift stores. So start there.

See the large oval cream colored frame below? It’s cheap, thin plastic..and it was an ugly gold color. And it framed an ugly pastel print. Who, might I ask, is going to be touching your frames? So, see, once you frame your beautiful family portrait with it…they will never know.


It took me a while to collect enough, so go ahead and start making regular trips to your local thrift shops.

Don’t worry about making all the frames match, just yet…Look at the detail and if it’s a look you like we can deal with the color later.  When I saw a frame that looked interesting or in a different size, I grabbed it. If the price bothered me, I didn’t buy it.  The great thing is, you get to decide.


Decide on a Color for Your Gallery

A designer gallery requires some cohesiveness. The next thing I did was to paint the frames. My daughter has turquoise in her home and I wanted a color that carried that theme down the hall.

You decide what color you want for your gallery.  Some use all gold frames, or only black or only silver. Or you may want to spray paint them all one color, say for a child’s room, like royal blue or red. You may want them to be dark stained wood. Whatever works in your space….there is no right or wrong color. You just want them to go together.

Run painter’s tape along the edge before you paint…js


We wanted a old frenchy looking gallery of aqua-blues with silver and maybe a little gold peeking through.

I painted the frames a pale aqua chalk paint, and sanded them so that they looked old,  with some of the gold showing. They were beautiful.


After I painted them,  I took several to my daughter’s house and checked to see how they looked in her hallway. What I found was that they were the same color value as her dove gray walls. They wouldn’t have the impact that we were wanting.

So sad..:(

I took them back home and added dark gray to the edges so they would pop off the walls. It worked! I left the blue and added some silver to the details with dark gray on the sides. That solved the problem.

Layout Design on Table or Floor

I find it easier to go ahead and work on your layout for the gallery, on the floor or a tabletop, prior to working on the wall.

Begin by placing your largest frames wherever you’d like them and work from there.


I LOVE my tiny little frames.

I decided that my three large frames would be the focal point of the gallery, so I placed them in the center and worked out from there, balancing the size frames on each side, mainly because my daughter likes things balanced.  (I know that having things off balance would drive her nuts. ha!)


Take a photo with your phone.

Having a photo of my layout made it easier to place frames and/or patterns on the wall. It gave me something to refer to when making placement, because I had already decided what arrangement looked best. I took this photo with me to her house.

This was the beginning of our gallery.


Make Pattern of Frame Sizes

Making a pattern of each frame is a great help in arranging the frames on your wall.  Lay frames out on brown paper. You may use brown paper bags or butcher paper. Place them, touching each other and draw a pattern of each one.

gallery-layout-brown-paper gallery-brown-paper

Once the patterns are cut out,  use the paper cut-outs to arrange your “frames” on the wall with painters tape….



….so you won’t have to put holes all over the wall while deciding what goes where. This also makes it easier to make adjustments to your original design.

Counting Frames by Size


Next I made a list of how many frames I have in each size.

I had 4 5×5 and 3 8×10…etc.

With this info,  I was able to decide which photos I needed,  in which size.  You may choose to use color photos or  black and white photos or sepia or a combination!


Choosing Photos

Once you have your frames painted and the layout decided, it’s time for photos.  There are several criteria I used to decide the pictures for our gallery. You will have your own criteria,  but this will give you an idea of my project.

1.   Have basically an equal number of photos of each child.

2.  Photos from each stage of their lives: baby, toddler, early childhood, middle school, high school.

3.  Family group photos

4.  Photos of kids with each other.

5.  Extended family photos.  (if I don’t run out of frames:)

Most of the photos I have are on my computer, so I made a folder with my favorite photos of each child.

Since I wanted this done yesterday, I uploaded photos to Walmart’s one hour photo lab and chose the sizes I needed.  Easy Peasy. I ordered my photos, put them into the frames and I was ready to go.


Tip on Positioning Frames

***Any photo with small subjects needs to be close to or below eye level.

You may have a small frame with a large subject a little higher because the subject can still be seen. But group photos with lots of small faces need to be at eye level to be enjoyed.


Adding Interesting Objects

Lastly, to make the photo gallery more interesting, we added some words that describe the gallery. We chose, “Family”, “Blessed” and “Love.”  I found these at Hobby Lobby for half price.  Another thing I found at Goodwill was a large metal key.


Adding Letters

Use initials, empty frames  and any other object of interest to personalize your gallery.

The great thing about a photo gallery is you can change it all along. You may add more, take away some…add seasonal pictures to decorate, like Christmas photos from years past. It can be as large or as small as you like.


I couldn’t stop…..once I got started,  I had so many cute photos…(I told you)  and every time I stopped by a thrift store there would be another frame calling my name….I had to fill the wall completely…..we will worry about where to place the 8 year old’s middle school and high school pictures later… ūüôā


We are all so happy with the way it turned out.  So what are you waiting for?  Make a folder of your best and cutest photos, start thrift shopping for frames and decide what color is best for  you…

A Designer Photo Gallery on a Budget can be yours in no time at all!





The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Make-Over

I’m so happy! We finally finished the vanity for my daughter’s bathroom. And it’s perfect!

PicMonkey vaVanity makeover ad2

When she moved into her new home, the whole bathroom had been renovated,  except there was no vanity.  All Summer she looked for the perfect piece of furniture to use as her bathroom vanity. Finally, she found an old French Provincial dresser, the perfect size. The perfect price.  With a little TLC it really would be a perfect vanity.

french provincial dresser before

This one isn’t the actual one because…..well, you know, I forgot to take a before picture….But this is the exact same style. Hers had one broken drawer. Three of them will have to be cut shorter for the pipes, anyway.

She decided she wanted it painted dark gray, to coordinate with her bedroom,  and a dark stain on the top.

And I tried. I really did. Once it was sanded, I stained it.   I wasn’t happy with the stain. I sanded it again.( Ok, my husband sanded it AGAIN)  I tried twice to get the stain right. I wasn’t satisfied.

So, on to plan B.

Next we thought having a hard surface cut would be easier to maintain.

But alas, we hadn’t budgeted for it, so….in the end, I talked her in to Plan C:  letting me faux marble the top.  She had her doubts.

A prophet is not honored….artist either, turns out.

I told her we’d figure something else out later (Plan D), if she didn’t like it…but for now….mama’s gonna faux marble.

vanity faux marble

And I did. That will be another post, soon.  Faux Marble is a fun alternative and you really can’t go wrong….in fact,  there are places I’ve seen have “faux marble” and I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the real thing……and there are other places that had “faux marble” that I thought ” You payed good money for this?”  I knew I could at least come some where in the middle….and it wasn’t going to cost anything at all! Except for the supplies and I basically already had everything…

Once I convinced her to go with the faux marble,  she had to decide on a sink.  She found a perfect vessel sink. It was wide but not too deep.

vanity sink

Isn’t that perfect?   (Well, except for the two missing drawers…they didn’t make it for the photo shoot, obviously, but they’re there now.)  Most bathrooms have double sinks…and that’s fine, but I find that even tho we have two sinks, my husband and I use only one of them…(so when I remodel my bathroom…. 50 years from now…I’m going with one sink, too!)

vanity sink installed

Once it was installed, we were in love. It’s prefect. She found the sink with fixtures on Amazon with Free Delivery!

If you are in the market for a vessel sink, look on Amazon and search vessel sinks…but also search hand painted vessel sinks…or hand painted Mexican Vessel sinks. There are some very pretty hand painted ones out there, besides plain ole white.

vanity accessories1

Matching accessories were easy to find. I had the gray vase on a shelf, gathering dust and the flowers were left over from her Picture Frame Wreath. They made a perfect touch of color for the room.

vanity made over I grabbed a mirror from her sunroom and painted it to match…yep, that’s painter’s tape still on there…ooops…it still needs to be glazed before I remove it.

The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Make-Over turned out, how can I say it?? Perfect!  She’s happy to be able to finally brush her teeth in her own bathroom.

And BTW, when the plumber came in to install the sink, he took one look and said, “oh, no, I don’t cut through marble…..”

My daughter told him to touch it…….she couldn’t wait to tell me…ha!

In the end….Faux Marble Mama is vindicated.


DIY Picture Frame Wreath

I’ve been on a wreath making binge lately. In the past few weeks I’ve made 9 wreaths with several more planned for next week. ¬†It’s hard for me to choose my favorite wreath. I love all of them. But today I made my most favorite wreath of all….using a picture frame I picked up at Salvation Army!

Picture Frame Wreath3


I love finding treasures in thrift shops.¬†¬†Like the amber lamp I found and gave to a friend that matched her¬†brown dining room…the one I mentioned earlier this week in the¬†Trash to Treasure Lamp Makeover.



This lamp was only $3.00!!! I couldn’t use it myself, ¬†but I also couldn’t leave it behind. I called my friend, who was thrilled to have it. Here, I had just painted the metal parts an oil rubbed bronze color, for her.

While finding a treasure is fun…what I like even more is the challenge of making something¬†out of something that has seen better days. Trash to Treasure gets my artistic juices flowing. ¬†That’s just what happened when I visited The Salvation Army a few weeks ago. That’s where¬†I found this old picture frame.

jennifers frame wreath before

Now, it didn’t look like this when I found it! It was a cream color, that had yellowed, badly. I forgot to take a before picture….

I painted it light turquoise (above) to match my daughter’s dining room, but ended up painting it¬†a darker turquoise and adding highlights, ¬†so the details of the frame could better be featured.

picture frame wreth dark

jennifers frame wrerath cu accent

These highlights were made with the same paint I used on her lamps.   The highlights are a dusty Aqua.


Once I finished that,  I added white highlights to accent the detail even more.


I love this frame!



For this DIY Picture Frame Wreath project you will need:

Frame of choice

Paints of choice: craft, spray or latex paints or a combo

Sponge brush or paint brush or both

Flowers choice

Hot glue gun

Bow/Ribbon is optional

Find a frame as ornate as you like. If you prefer a plain frame, that works, too.  And then paint it. I spray painted this one, but you could easily paint with craft paint or leftover latex paint.

There are a couple things to decide. If you’d like the details to be featured as light, ¬†then go with a darker paint overall. If you’d like the details to be darker then start with a lighter paint. I wanted my highlights to be light, ¬†so I painted over the lighter turquoise with a darker turquoise.

After it dries,¬†¬†you will want a lighter (or darker if frame is light) color paint to add highlights to show off the detail of your lamp. Or if your lamp is plain it will distress the frame to give it character. If you mess up…it’s just paint. Do it over.

I added white on top of that because there is so much to show off and accent on this frame.


 Next gather flowers. I found these silk flowers at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. But I have found nice flowers at Walmart and even the Dollar Tree. You just have to be selective.

I use a hot glue gun and I start in the corner with a Hydrangea. That’s where to start arranging your flowers. Cut the stems close to begin…but longer as you go up the frame. And give them space to show off. In other words don;t cram them all so close together you can’t tell them apart.


 Next add other colored flowers, spacing them along the frame.


Keep adding flowers until you’re happy with the design.


 I added some berries and tiny flowers for filler.

Don’t forget¬†to add leaves in the background.


…easy as pie.

¬†After you have everything glued into place, ¬†you may consider adding a bow to the bottom…or a ribbon to the top, ¬†to hang it by.

It turned out so pretty, we’re considering using it in a bedroom or living room.

Have fun!

Lamp Makeover: From Trash to Treasure

Jennifer lamp make over ad

I love Goodwill. I ALWAYS find a treasure…..Last week I found this pair of lamps for 8 dollars!. Lamps are one of my FAVORITE things to makeover, too. ūüôā I texted pics to my daughter and told her to look beyond the gold, at the shape and design.¬†Would this be something she’d like in her house? Sometimes it’s hard for people to see what I see…but thankfully, she’s learned to look beyond.

jennifers lamps tall

They were 20 inches tall, ¬†not counting the shade, ¬†which meant they were tall enough to give off good light for the room. I mean, what’s the point of having lamps if they don’t light the room enough?

jennifers lamps paint

She said yes…and I was so happy, because I could see them in her family room. ¬†But, of course, I was going to have to do some work first. ¬†As it turned out, not much, tho.

If you are wanting to makeover a lamp…you may need to prime it first. ¬†(after cleaning any dust and grime off) ¬†I spray lamps with a white primer especially if I’m wanting the color to be true.

But this time, I just went for it. ¬†Always remember, it’s just paint…so, if you make a mistake, just paint over it… You can¬†use spray paint or bottles of craft paints or in this case, I’m used a can of paint I had mixed for another project.

jennifers lamps stripes

Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do? I used a dusty aqua latex paint leaving some of the gold peeking through my strokes. ¬†Then I went over the swirls with a brighter turquoise. But not too bright.

jennifers lamp gold

One thing you’ll want to do if you paint a lamp, or anything else for that matter, is to follow the shape or design of whatever you’re painting. In this case, my brush followed the path of the swirls. It makes the brush ‘work with you’ and makes life easier, and less messy looking. I like seeing the gold thru the aqua paint. It adds a little character.

After I finished painting the lamp, I painted the base. The base was dark, but dull looking and I wanted to keep them dark. So, I added a dark metallic brown mixed with dark brown to brighten the dull brown. It worked!

jennifers lamps base beforejennifers lamps base finished

See the before…just a dull dark brown. ¬†Below, ¬†I added some dark brown to a bronze metallic ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†paint to make a nice dark, but not dull, brown.


BTW: Dark Bronze Metallic Paint is Perfect for Dining Room

A¬†friend of mine wanted a brown dining room, ¬†but she was not happy with any of the brown samples she had tried. She finally gave up and just¬†painted the whole room a brown… but it was lifeless. ¬†She came over frustrated, and asked me to help her pick out the ‘right’ brown… I found a metallic brown for her and the room came to life. ¬†It made all the difference in the world. ¬†It is beautiful and so elegant! ¬†So keep that in mind. ¬†Metallic bronze-brown is beautiful on walls. fyi. …..You’re welcome.

jennifers lamps finish

The last step is to seal the paint with¬†several light coats of polyurethane. Used spray. (You can brush it on if ¬†you prefer) ¬†Allow to dry. ¬†Now they’re ready for shades.

Tip: I like to try on several shades from around my house to see what style looks best on whatever lamp I’m working on. ¬†I decided I liked drum shades best. ¬†Once I decided on the style shade, I checked¬†Pottery Barn to find the shade I wanted. ¬†I wanted a bargain to go with my bargain lamp…. ūüėČ ¬†So after checking around, I found very similar shades on eBay for half the price….Needless to say, I ordered the shades from eBay. ūüôā

jennifers new lamp alone

The lamps look so classy in her living room. They add just enough of her turquoise color to the room without being overwhelming. And the shades are perfect!

jennifers new lamp

My daughter teaches kindergarten and so having a cheerful, colorful home is very fitting. Red and turquoise are so happy. And don’t the lamps look perfect in the room?


jennifers lamps makeover

Bright and cheerful is what we’re going for…;)

jennifer new lamp rt

I ¬†love how they turned out….It’s a far cry from how they began!

Next time you’re in the market for new lamps remember to check out your local GoodWill, Salvation Army and thrift stores. You’ll be surprised at the deals you can find. And with a little TLC (and paint), create a one of a kind decorating statement. Love…

Jennifer lamp make over ad


New Creation aka Poppy Lamp

I posted this 3 years ago but thought it worthy of sharing again….. ¬†There’s a powerful lesson here and I needed to read it again…Maybe you do, too.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Behold I make all things new. That is an amazing truth in the Bible. The truth that when a person accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior…all the things we ever did in the past are completely forgiven. And we become a new creation.

The old is passed away and we are a new, totally forgiven person. While some of us….all of us….continue to make mistakes and sin against ourselves, others and God, it’s comforting to know that along with our salvation comes the right to approach God for forgiveness.

I was confronted last week with the realization that I had been less than forgiving of someone I ran into from my past. I hadn’t seen this man for years but I knew back then that he had been horrible to his wife. Abusive. Horribly abusive.¬†¬† He had done things, that in my opinion, ¬†were absolutley unforgivable and inexcusable!

And when I saw him, ¬†I was visiting a church and he was¬†leading the singing! ¬† Honestly, I just couldn’t believe he had the nerve to even accept such an honorable position! IN A CHURCH no less!¬† This came to my mind several times over the past few months and I continued to be¬†apalled.

And last week it suddenly hit me. I’ve done things that were wrong. I knew better and yet in moments of weakness gave in to sin. Things I’m ashamed of. And I have asked the Lord to forgive me of my transgressions and I know He has.

And yet, people who know of my sin may not know that I have repented of them and been forgiven. They may even look at me and think who does she think she is?  Just as I was doing this man! Oh my goodness.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. The truth is, that man has obviously¬†repented and here a I am judging him.¬†I’m not privy to his heart¬†nor his¬†most personal life. Just as others are not privy to mine.

The revelation I recieved from all of this is that, we are not to judge others. I know I am stating the obvious, but how easy it is to see someone and think back to what they were back then….when we don’t know what the Lord has brought them through and to.

In fact, to be Christians we are to extend MERCY to others because we ourselves are in such dire need of it.  So, I repented. I asked the Lord to forgive my arrogance and pride.

I understand the apostle Paul’s heartfelt cry when he said he was the chiefest of all sinners! I can so relate. I know I’m in need of his mercy and therfore I must extend it to everyone,¬†even to¬†those whose hearts I know not.

Oh, but this post¬†is about a lamp…my little new creation…. It in no way compares to God’s gift to us when we are saved. But in some small way it shows how we have so much potential to be so much more than the people who ‘knew us before’ could ever have imagined.

I hope you get my drift….

This is the lamp I found in an old thrift shop. It’s seen better days and its owners obviously thought it had nothing left of value and it was discarded.

Isn’t that how we are before God steps in and says “I see¬†potential in you.”

lamp before - Copy (2)

I took my daughter with me to see the lamp I had found. I thought it would look great in her den.  She had a hard time seeing any virtue in the old thing.

I said, “You’re just going to have to trust me.”

jennys lamp before - Copy

I primed it, covered all the blemished and made it whiter than snow…..ummm ~ what an interesting concept.

lamp base primed

Her den is green with red sofa and so I decided to paint the back ground green and somehow create poppies in some of the indentions….

Isn’t that the way we are? We can’t see anything but our shortcomings and can’t see past them to what we could be.

If we could just figure out a way to release our potential to someone who could do something with us……hummm… you do see¬†the poppies ~¬†don’t you?

lamp base painted green

lamp base flowers - Copy (2)

I thought of the lines in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character “Vivian” gives her friend “Kit” some money because “You’ve got potential” and then later that same¬†friend gives some of the money to her friend because “you got potential.”

That’s what God says about each and everyone of us. He takes us as we are or as we have made ourselves….a plu-perfect mess and feeling worthless and God says “You’ve got potential.”

And even tho we may not want to believe it or we can’t see it, there’s someone who sees the potential in us….after all…This is the Creator who made the world out of nothing…surely he can make something out of you and me.

God says “Trust me, you’ve got potential.”

jennifers lamp

I bought a new shade and ¬†painted a new finial to match. ¬†My husband put a new switch on and rewired it….

My daughter claims she had faith in me all along…. ūüôā

Who knew life lessons could be learned from something as mundane as a lamp make-over.?

My lesson for this week….I will look beyond what I can see and find the potential in others…and I will extend mercy to all.¬† Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy!

So dear reader, ¬†remember that Someone far greater than¬†me has already made it loud and clear He thinks you are more than worth it….In His eyes You have GREAT POTENTIAL! He who makes all things new can make something awesome out of you….just Trust Him.

jennifers poppy lamp makeover

I pray your day and the coming week is blessed and that the Lord himself will show you just how¬†much potential He sees in you….warts and all.

Vintage Lamp Makeover

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Beauty from Ashes Birdbath

Beauty from ashes birdbath

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French Hatbox Inspired Planters

French Hatbox Planters pics

A couple of years ago we added a porch, where once stood an old deck. That deck had served us well. ¬†Even though it was small and in the sun, ¬†I never let it keep me from hosting outdoor dinner parties. ¬†But, I always dreamed of having a real porch. We love to sit outside, rain or shine but having no roof presented a problem. The umbrella worked sometimes…but not always. ¬†So, I dreamed of building a porch one day.

Finally, my husband gave me the go ahead to build a porch! Yes, a real covered porch. I love it. We love it. Our whole family loves it. ¬†Most days, we live on our porch more than in the house. This picture shows one of the columns…along with ¬†the small table and chairs…I call the¬†Perfect Find!

my porch furn

When they built the porch,  they had to cut about a foot from the bottom of the columns they used. There were 8 of them and I asked the builders to save me the bottoms. I already had an idea what to use them for.

french hatbox planters0

Herbs are so invasive and my herb garden on the side of the house had really been more than I could handle. The oregano and pineapple sage had taken over. I needed containers to keep this from happening.

I knew these column bottoms would be perfect to make planters for my herbs.

I love the colorful planters in various catalogs that come in the mail…..

grandinroad planters

Have you seen the colorful planters in GrandinRoad? ¬†They’re so pretty. I ended up taking my inspiration from them.

Of course, mine are not nearly as perfect as the catalog ones……but they’re perfect enough for me.

french hatbox planters 01

The furniture on my porch is blue, so I painted the ‘planters’ various shades of blue and white.¬†I used stencils in different designs to vary each one. ¬†When I stepped back and looked at them, I realized they looked like hatboxes. And the blue colors made me think of France…. so that’s the story behind my French Hat-box Inspired Planters.

french hatboxplanters 02

I found my stencils at Walmart and the base color is a spray paint.

French Hat Box Planters

It’s so nice to step out the backdoor and have herbs for cooking, at my fingertips. And know they won’t be taking over the flower bed…least not anytime soon.

french hat box planters8

Do you cook with fresh herbs? They can be expensive in the store, but they are very easy to grow. And they don’t need much tending to, if you plant them in a container. ¬†And most of them live from one season to the next, at least at my house they do. ¬†My favorites have to be a tie between basil and dill.

french hatbox planters9

You may not have access to the bottoms of columns…( if you know a builder, I’d certainly ask them to save you some) ¬†You can achieve the same look using clay pots. I’d prime them first so your paint is the true color you want.

french hat box planters6

The above picture was taken a couple of weeks ago….now see the same plants:

french hatbox planters9

The bottoms are open because herbs need well drained soil. They don’t like to be wet and prefer hot sun. So do keep that in mind. I plan on a heavy mulch in the winter so they will hopefully survive until Spring. The clay pots in the same location did survive, … I have high hopes for these….

So, what are you waiting for? Be inspired….you can do this….:)

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