Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 7

Noah's Ark

This week’s picture of Jesus in Genesis is a little different from the others we have looked at.   Once again we dust off the old picture album and see if this week we can make out whose picture is on this page of our album.

Our quest to find the picture of Jesus in Genesis is a daunting one today. I mean, we are talking about Noah and the Flood.  And with it, [Read more…]

Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 6

Old book

Welcome back to our weekly look through our old picture album of the Book of Genesis. Last week we saw a picture of  God making  provision for Adam and Eve’s sin. Here.  And the promise God made before He pronounced the curse and banished them from the garden.  People wonder sometimes, whatever happened to Adam and Eve?  Some wonder if they were saved or even could they be saved? There is no doubt, to me, that Adam and Eve were ‘saved.’  I truly believe it’s safe to say they were.  Let me tell you why.

We know Adam and Eve had some understanding of the dire consequences of their sin. They understood something tragic had occurred when God himself made the sacrifice for them.  It was a horrible event in their absolutely perfect paradise. An animal died a bloody death.  All of a sudden they had a graphic picture of  the penalty that must be paid for their sin.  Adam and Eve didn’t understand everything,  but they did understand something of how sins must be atoned for.  It’s obvious Adam and Eve retold the story of the garden to their sons. Because Cain and Abel both offered sacrifices to God we know they learned about sacrificing from someone…….

So far as their salvation is concerned. Adam and Eve didn’t have but a small piece of the puzzle. But they did have a piece! And they had the responsibility to ‘walk in the light you have receive.”  Based on the fact their sons offered sacrifices, we know Adam and Eve continued to,  even after they left the garden.  So to me, that indicates they were saved. They didn’t know much, but they knew to make sacrifices for sin, which obviously,  they did.

This week we come to the photo of Cain suggesting to his brother, Abel, that they bring sacrifices to the Lord.

Decorating cornucopia

Cain decided to “Do it his way.” He made an offering of fruit and vegetables and grain from the bounty of his crops.

Herd of sheep

Abel sacrificed a perfect lamb without spot or blemish. The Bible tells us that God rejected Cain’s offering but accepted Abel’s.


Now, here is where the excitement begins.  I just love this….

There is only one way to approach a Holy God. It is through the blood of a perfect sacrifice. Forever and ever and ever we read the story of the High Priests making offerings in the Temple for the whole Hebrew nation.  We see individuals making offerings for their whole family. All through the Old Testament we see this over and over. These offerings were simply foreshadows of the sacrifice to come. They were merely pointing the way ahead to the day God would make a provision for our sin. A perfect sacrifice. Jesus.

Please don’t be offended.    Instead of blowing me off….and all this ‘nonsense,’  you owe it to yourself to sincerely ask the Lord to open your eyes. He will. Are you ready?   Get this….

Abel is the first shepherd. He points to the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. He made a perfect sacrifice that was pleasing to God. Abel is a type or picture of the coming Christ who would make a perfect sacrifice, pleasing to God and be betrayed and killed by his own brethren. Abel suffered a violent death at the hand of his own brother.


As a result, the judgement of God came upon Cain. God called to Cain and asked where his brother was…Cain said “I know not. Am I my brother’s keeper?”  God said to him that his brother’s blood was crying out from the ground. And now God curses Cain and the earth and he will live as a fugitive and a vagabond from now on.

Cain therefore is a picture of the Hebrew nation who did not recognize the perfect gift and sacrifice of God and was consequently banished from the land and forced to wander the earth under the constant threat of death. Cain is afraid and says to God that everyone is against him and he will be killed.

And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.  And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest anyone find him and kill him.                                                            

God showed His mercy and grace,  even to undeserving Cain. He made a provision that though Cain would wander the earth and never find peace, anyone who touched him would suffer. This prophecy has obviously been fulfilled as we saw after Jesus’ death the Jews were scattered, the temple destroyed and great persecution followed even unto today. But, I hope you also notice with me, that any nation who has ever turned against the Jews has suffered for it. And tho many have attempted to destroy the Jewish people completely, that mark of protection God placed on Cain has preserved a remnant to this very day.

 So the picture we have this week of Abel, being the first shepherd,who offered a perfect sacrifice,  being betrayed and killed by his own brethren is an exact picture of Jesus….  And Cain is a perfect picture of The Jewish people, his brethren,  who rejected Jesus, dispersed throughout the earth and being persecuted and yet a remnant remains, protected by the mercy of God.

Next week, God’s getting pretty fed up with all the sin.

Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 4

rain forest

And God commanded the man, ” You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the garden of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.” As I type these words this morning, I am struck by a couple of things. [Read more…]

Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 3


Today we turn the page in our dusty old album and find wedding photos.   The day of the first wedding, ever.  I love a wedding, don’t you? I love the planning and ceremony of a wedding. It’s an important day to the two people who vow to love each thru thick and thin. Marriage is important to God. After all, it was His idea in the first place.  Marriage is important because reflects a picture of God’s character. Or at least it should! [Read more…]

Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 2

Genesis Book & Sky

Welcome back!  I was thinking about our picture album and this week’s ‘photo’ and it occurred to me that most of my life I thought that the main purpose of the book of Genesis was to tell the story of creation. It is one of the reasons we have the book of Genesis, but the primary purpose is to reveal God’s plan of redemption for mankind…and that plan is about Jesus.  We have the advantage of having the New Testament to shine a light back into the Old Testament and make things clearer.  It helps all these old ‘photos’ make sense. [Read more…]

Pictures of Jesus in Genesis Page 1


You’re going to love this! ….BTW this is an authentic 1629 KJV Bible page/leaf…my husband gave it to me framed with the back page showing the verses where God  created Eve and gave her to Adam…the first wedding…for our anniversary this year. Sweet.

I love to take pictures. I’m not a professional by any means, but I enjoy setting the stage and making sure the background is as presentable as the object I’m photographing. It matters, you know? [Read more…]