The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Make-Over

french provincial dresser before

This one isn’t the actual one because…..well, you know, I forgot to take a before picture….But this is the exact same style. Hers had one broken drawer. Three of them will have to be cut shorter for the pipes, anyway.

She decided she wanted it painted dark gray, to coordinate with her bedroom,  and a dark stain on the top.

And I tried. I really did. Once it was sanded, I stained it.   I wasn’t happy with the stain. I sanded it again.( Ok, my husband sanded it AGAIN)  I tried twice to get the stain right. I wasn’t satisfied.

So, on to plan B.

Next we thought having a hard surface cut would be easier to maintain.

But alas, we hadn’t budgeted for it, so….in the end, I talked her in to Plan C:  letting me faux marble the top.  She had her doubts.

A prophet is not honored….artist either, turns out.

I told her we’d figure something else out later (Plan D), if she didn’t like it…but for now….mama’s gonna faux marble.

vanity faux marble

And I did. That will be another post, soon.  Faux Marble is a fun alternative and you really can’t go wrong….in fact,  there are places I’ve seen have “faux marble” and I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the real thing……and there are other places that had “faux marble” that I thought ” You payed good money for this?”  I knew I could at least come some where in the middle….and it wasn’t going to cost anything at all! Except for the supplies and I basically already had everything…

Once I convinced her to go with the faux marble,  she had to decide on a sink.  She found a perfect vessel sink. It was wide but not too deep.

vanity sink

Isn’t that perfect?   (Well, except for the two missing drawers…they didn’t make it for the photo shoot, obviously, but they’re there now.)  Most bathrooms have double sinks…and that’s fine, but I find that even tho we have two sinks, my husband and I use only one of them…(so when I remodel my bathroom…. 50 years from now…I’m going with one sink, too!)

vanity sink installed

Once it was installed, we were in love. It’s prefect. She found the sink with fixtures on Amazon with Free Delivery!

If you are in the market for a vessel sink, look on Amazon and search vessel sinks…but also search hand painted vessel sinks…or hand painted Mexican Vessel sinks. There are some very pretty hand painted ones out there, besides plain ole white.

vanity accessories1

Matching accessories were easy to find. I had the gray vase on a shelf, gathering dust and the flowers were left over from her Picture Frame Wreath. They made a perfect touch of color for the room.

vanity made over I grabbed a mirror from her sunroom and painted it to match…yep, that’s painter’s tape still on there…ooops…it still needs to be glazed before I remove it.

The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Make-Over turned out, how can I say it?? Perfect!  She’s happy to be able to finally brush her teeth in her own bathroom.

And BTW, when the plumber came in to install the sink, he took one look and said, “oh, no, I don’t cut through marble…..”

My daughter told him to touch it…….she couldn’t wait to tell me…ha!

In the end….Faux Marble Mama is vindicated.


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  1. Bathroom renovation, yeah, that was pretty cool and the tiles tho!

  2. It looks so good! Love the mirror and the colors you chose for the bathroom!



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